Monday, May 2, 2011


Sometimes you just want a shake. It happens to us all. You're sitting in front of the tv late at night and you think to yourself, "Damn...I could really go for a chocolate shake right now!" But it's late. Maybe you don't have all the components. Ice cream. Milk. A blender. Or maybe you do, but you're just too damn lazy to do all that scooping and blending. 
I hear you. I really do. So did Edy's. Thats why they made this:

The cup promises a Rich & Creamy, SLOW CHURNED Ice Cream Shake! But does it deliver?
Kinda. Let's take a look inside...

As you can see, once you peel back the foil cover, it basically looks like someone melted ice cream into a cup and then tossed it back in the freezer and let it freeze all over again. Can you just jam a straw or spoon into it and go to town? Nope. 

You have to add milk. This does take away from it slightly. What if you used the last of your milk in a bowl of Cap'n Crunch's OOPS ALL BERRIES this morning? You are out of luck pal. Put this back in the freezer and cry yourself to sleep. But if you do have milk, you just pour a bit into the cup. Then you stir. For longer than you want. 

This is what you're left with. It looks kind of gross, right? Well it tastes okay. It will satisfy your craving for a shake at 2am while you're watching episodes of Adventure Time, but any other time I'd suggest being a bit less lazy, and fire up the blender. Or drive somewhere and get a real shake. Because while cold and chocolatey, it tastes pretty generic and you probably won't buy one the next time you go go shopping. 

RATING: C. Right in the middle. Not bad, not really that good either.  


  1. You have got to throw the whole thing in a blender for best results, I recommend getting two because you always lose some in the transfer from cup to blender and blender to mouth. Another alternative for instant shake gratification is to stop by a circle K gas station which now has a self serve machine that will blend up shakes or smoothies on demand.

  2. Ram,
    If I'm going to bring a blender into the mix, I'm just going to make my own shake with ice cream and milk. These are only good because they are quick! We do know of the shake machines too. They are surprisingly pretty decent!

  3. There are just no shortcuts in nature. You want a good shake, you need to put in the work.