Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ben & Jerry's Clusterfluff

Imagine my surprise as I strolled past the freezer section and spied a handful of new Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream flavors. The others? I don't remember them at all. I was too mesmerized by this one. CLUSTERFLUFF. 

The carton declared that it was Peanut butter ice cream with caramel cluster pieces, Marshmallow swirls & peanut buttery swirls. Nothing about that sounded bad. In fact, it sounded so amazing that there was no way I wouldn't have bought it. If there was only one container of it left, and a nun carrying a baby got to it before me, I would throw her to the floor and steal it from her grasp. That's how delicious this ice cream sounded. 
Did it live up to the hype?

Hell yes. When you first crack into it you can instantly see the thick veins of peanut butter running through it like gold through the hills of California in the old west. There's one thing you never have to worry about with Ben & Jerry's, and that's peanut butter. Whenever it's an ingredient in one of their ice creams it's solid. Be it' Peanut Butter Cup, Chubby Hubby, or their Peanut Brittle. They always knock it out of the park and this is no different. 

It's not until a few spoonfuls in that the marshmallow swirls are found. At first they blend in with the ice cream and are hard to see but then all of a sudden you hit a big blob of it and it's a moment of bliss. The caramel cluster pieces? They taste kind of like little tiny chunks of caramel flavored oatmeal cookie. Good, but kind of an after thought. Clusterfluff is kind of like the ice cream equivalent to one of the best sandwiches in the history of sandwiches. The fluffernutter. Are you doubting that statement? When is the last time you had one? If it's been more than an hour, you are a fool. They are fantastic, and often forgotten about and dismissed as a child's lunch. I assure you, my friends, they hold up.
And so does this ice cream.
Oh and the clever name might just get you in some fun conversations with the cashiers when you buy it. Like mine. Where I played dumb, trying to see if I could get the employees to drop an F-bomb in front of me, a customer. 
Cashier- "Oh that's too funny."
Me- "Whats that?"
Cashier-"The name of this ice cream. What word it's a play on."
Me-"What word is that?"
Cashier-"Oh come on now. Clusterfluff?"
Me-"Oooh yeah. Like Fluffer Nutter, right?"
Cashier-"Well yeah but you know...ClusterFFFF"
She gave up.
But don't you give up on this instant Ben & Jerry's classic.

I give this an A. For Amazing damn ice cream.


  1. I shall beat three nuns holding babies to get this ice cream

  2. There is no Fluff in Texas, I have a friend from Worchester that lives here and her family ships her two jars of it every month. I will look for this ice cream... yummy.

  3. That looks and sounds amazing. its been a long time since B&J have come out with a good "NEW" flavor....cant wait to try it since I am the self procliamed ice cream fanatic!