Monday, April 18, 2011

DiGiorno Pizza & Boneless Wyngz

Pizza. I can't think of a food more universally awesome. The good folks over at DiGorno's must think that their pizza's are an event to be shared with friends, and not the conquest of a solo fat man sitting on his couch watching episodes of Spartacus on Netflix instant watch, for the fifth, possibly sixth time. So when I was at the store, I was floored by their groundbreaking initiative to pair Pizza AND Wings.

"Wyngz"? eh, whatever.
I opened it up, and thought to myself: "Man that's a lot of food. I don't know if I can do this right now, Pizza AND Wings?" So in my infinite and batman like problem solving prowess, I came up with a solution that would satiate my mouth and mind.

This not only solved the issue of it being too much food to thine eyes, but it also rationalized putting Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce in a beautiful spiral pattern.
Some shredded Pizza cheese to keep the Wyngz sealed tight to the top

23 Minutes later. GLORY IN THE ARENA

Biting into this new found monstrosity was all I had hoped it to be. We all know what a DiGiorno Supreme pizza tastes like, but amp this up to the 2000000th degree, and you've got the DiGiorno ULTIMATE SUPREME BBQ WYNG PIZZA. The Wyngz tasted surprisingly like chicken, and they remained crispy even with the added cheese, and BBQ sauce. I'd do this again in an ironic heartbeat. Overall DiGiorno's creativity, melded with my own, makes for a winning and delicious experience.


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  1. What if you put another DiGiorno on top and maybe deepfry it ????