Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Denny's Maple Bacon Sundae

     Late one night, a couple weeks back I got a picture message from a friend of mine. It showed me the menu at a Dennys. Their current specials. I stared long and hard at that picture, knowing that I had to try it. I had to try...the Maple Bacon Sundae. 
       The other night I finally found myself at a Dennys. If there is one near you, go there right now, because, brother, if you are a fan of bacon, they will change your life with their new and improved food pyramid. 

Forget the traditional food pyramid with it's Fruit, Dairy, and Veggies. This is a real man's food pyramid. ALL BACON. So obviously, I didn't mess around and I headed straight for the top. However, I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about getting a BBBLT to go with it. 
But I just ordered this, and as I was doing it, a friend and his girlfriend were talking about ordering just one, to share. He caught my eye and knowing that I was reviewing this for FATGUYFOODBLOG he quickly told her that they would each get their own. Wise choice. If it had gone the other way I might have devoted half this post to making fun of him. 
So I was expecting this thing to show up and have a couple little chunks of bacon on it. Enough for the everyday customer to gawk at and be all grossed out, but that I would be left saddened by. I was wrong. This thing is a beast. 

TONS of bacon with maple syrup drizzled on top. It wasn't gross cheap bacon either. It was thick and with 
very, very little blubber. That's the key to mixing bacon with sweets. There can't be any fat. Whereas you might be able to overlook that in a regular meal, in something sweet, like an ice cream sundae it would completely ruin it. They do a good job of keeping that from happening. 

Here's another view from the side. Bacon. Maple syrup. Then some vanilla ice cream. Followed by another helping of bacon and syrup, and then? More ice cream. It's a delicious mess. The ice cream is nothing special, and the syrup is the same. But both do their job nicely. It's another page of out the Sweet & Salty treat book, which is kind of hard to mess up. 
So as I was approaching the middle I expected there to only be a couple fragments of bacon in there. I was once again proved wrong...

Good sized chunks greeted me when I hit the middle. Like an old friend welcoming you into their home. "Hey buddy, come right in, make yourself at home." 

This is a bit different than the Maple Bacon ice cream we had at KC's Rib Shack. With that one the bacon was sprinkled throughout the ice cream in small chunks. With this, the bacon was a LOT more intense because there was about half a pigs worth of bacon on the thing. 

So the bottom line here is that if you hit a Dennys, get this sundae. The squares around you will throw a fit because it's not normal, so you can have fun with that aspect but also, it's pretty damn good. Being a fat guy, I immediately want to complain that it could have been bigger, but I think if it was much bigger I would have gotten sick of it. I think it was just right, as far as size goes. Oh, and by the way, the friggin' thing is only $2.99. THREE BUCKS! For a maple bacon ice cream sundae. There could be a superior version of this made somewhere, but you won't find one that is this solid, for so little cash anywhere but Dennys. Bravo guys.


  1. I truly wish that they would bring this culinary treat back to the menu. I have found similar dishes in finer restaurants that do not rise to the same caliber