Thursday, April 7, 2011


When I heard that there was a Mountain Dew Coolatta coming to Dunkin Donuts, I hit panic mode pretty fast. I have always been a fan of Coolattas and was the first person I knew to start mixing flavors, years before they finally started advertising the ability to do that. My love of a frosty cup of sugar and brain freeze mixed with my favorite liquid on earth (yes, better than water, the lifeblood) sounded incredible to me.

Well unfortunately, it wasn't. It was the definition of blah, tasting like a somewhat more melon-like and less flavorful green flav-or-ice mixed with the odd chemical flavor that Coolattas can sometimes have.  When it melted a little more and I accepted that it wouldn't be the heaven I had hoped for, it was a little better, but it kind of just made me want a Watermelon Coolatta (which ruled and I hope they bring back). I guess it was unfair to think that a soda mixed with water would be good, but I fell for the allure of the Dew name. Sorry dunks, you blew it. 

While I was there, I figured I had to try a "Stuffed breadstick" (i.e. hot pocket). I, of course, got the pepperoni one, and it was actually better than I was expecting, but nothing special. 

It was very thin and kind of empty, like a breadstick.

yet full of gore like a hot pocket:

I will say though, it was decent- good pepperoni flavor, small enough to be treated like a nice snack, and the bread is the same bread as they use on their flatbread sandwiches (which rule). This was a plus, so I'd say these get a C+.

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