Monday, March 28, 2011

Magnum Ice Cream Bars

Well well well, I guess it's time that I posted something up on here. I decided to bust my FGFB cherry by talking to you my friends, about a subject near and dear to my struggling, oversized heart, ice cream. Much like the brand of condoms I wear, Magnum, this brand of ice cream bars had me when i first saw their beautifully designed box.

The package design immediately made me think of the ever so incredible world of Dove chocolate.
much UNLIKE the body part that goes into the brand of condoms that this ice cream is named after, I was slightly disappointed with the size of the ice cream bar in my hand, but still, the anticipation of a smooth dark chocolate outer shell and rich vanilla bean filling made me quickly dismiss the lackluster size of the bar.

reservoir tip

Biting into the Magnum Dark's brittle outer shell and taking a mouthful of the virgin white vanilla bean ice cream was anything but stellar. As basic as a dark chocolate ice cream bar is, Magums packaging decieved me into thinking this was the Cadillac of ice cream bars, but in all actuality, it's more like my 1991 Cutlas Ciera that gets me where I need to go, but thats about it. Flavor wise the dark chocolate wasn't bad, but in no way harkened back to the Dove Dark chocolate that I fondly remember. The Vanilla Bean middle only served up a splash of vanilla flavor, not good, not bad. Overall, a very mediocre experience. I won't get these ever again, but i give the design boys credit, They got me.


  1. I had to revisit the article, but I think you managed to find every double entendre. Well played, sir. Well played.

  2. Have you tried the white chocolate ones? I really want to but would like to try them, but would like a first opinion

  3. Getting the original flavor was the key mistake. The double caramel is amazing and the double chocolate is tremendous! Basically take the bar you had, dip it in fudge sauce and cover that in another shell. So good!

    I don't know how you could swing it, but I trust you to find a way, you should try the original Magnum Gold from Brazil. My husband was so enamored by them, he spent our entire 10 day trip checking every ice cream cooler for them and buying not one but two if he found them in stock. They were chocolate ice cream, with bits of dulce de leite mixed into the ice cream. All of that is surrounded by the crunchy chocolate shell, chocolate fudge and another chocolate shell. Insanity!