Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter World

In case you weren't aware, Ben & Jerry's has a few flavors that are exclusive to Target. They are hard to find too. We reviewed one of them a while back- VOLUN-TIRAMSU and it was terrible (in our humble opinions). But now we bring you another Target exclusive...

The description on the carton sold me right away. I didn't see how it could be bad, but would it exceed my expectations? "Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with Peanut Buttery Swirls & Chocolate Cookie Swirls." I'm a man who likes peanut butter. I'd have to say that I like peanut butter more than any of you out there who think you like peanut butter. I once sent a Fribble back three times to have them add more peanut butter sauce at Friendly's. I told the waitress that I wanted "so much peanut butter that you think that it will make me sick."

...and I meant it.

So I'm the first to try any ice creams, cookies, or snacks that fall under the peanut butter banner. But the thing is, rarely am I satisfied with them. A lot of them I enjoy, but I always just wish for more peanut butter. Well, folks, it seems like the Gods finally smiled down upon me with this flavor.

Doesn't look like anything special right?
First off, you have a great base. The milk chocolate ice cream is very flavorful. It's a chocolate blast. But then you dig your spoon in and it's like when you're trying to dig a hole in your back yard and your shovel hits a rock just under the surface. No rocks here, son, just a thick vein of peanut butter goodness. A lot of ice creams boast about their peanut butter swirls, and they have one or two running through the pint. Not this one. It is a MESS of peanut butter. Every spoonful. is a chocolate peanut butter explosion.

But that's not all, my friends. Remember Ben & Jerry's Milk & Cookies?  Well that cookie swirl that was part of how incredible that ice cream's in Peanut Butter World too! So it's basically like someone smashed together a bucket of peanut butter and the cookies part of 100 Oreos, and then threw a few scoops of delicious chocolate ice cream in and mixed it up. It's a sickening mess of awesomeness.

I could see how someone might not like this, if I really step away from it. Some people will not be able to handle this level of peanut buttery goodness. Some people are happy with just a little. For you sad, little people, I will recommend you stay away from this beast, because you will not enjoy it. It will attack your delicate taste buds and you will probably fall to the floor, choking, and whip the pint across the room, far away from you.

But if you fancy yourself a lover of all things peanut butter, like myself, and find that treats usually don't live up to the level of peanut butter that you are craving... well this is the ice cream for you. Take a trip to Target, raid their freezer section, and take a pint home with you. You'll exclaim with every bite. You'll probably hold the carton out at arms length, nodding as the first bite is melting in your mouth, brow furrowed, happiness enveloping your entire being.

I give Peanut Butter World a solid A.


  1. The third pic of the series does it a WHOLE lot of justice. I wasn't sold on its brand packaging or the birds-eye overview, but the moist crater? consisting of a hidden layers of what looks like creamy chocolate and yummy peanut butter? Dude.. I'm salivating like a bored student, slumped over their desk in math-class, day-dreaming of being anywhere but in that room. Good review, guys.

  2. Excellent review. However, I will challenge your love of peanut butter and say that no one likes peanut butter as much as I do. I had oatmeal this morning and put a huge scoop of peanut butter in it just to make it taste better.


  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmm peanut butter. Absolutely ADORE it. How chocolaty is the ice cream? I'm not a huge fan of milk chocolate so I won't get this if the chocolate flavour is too evident.

  4. I get sick of product claims touting how "Peanut Buttery" they are in, when in fact - they suck. I'm eager to try this!