Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Peanut Butter Cheerios & Something called KRAVE

Well once again the holiday season has come and gone, and hopefully yours found you stuffed with all your favorite holiday treats. Ours did. We were in a candy, ham, and egg nog daze that went on for a couple of weeks. We've just now awoken and stumbled back into the real world.
Whats the first thing we do? Hit the store and find something to blog about.
I know what you're thinking...Another cereal post? Really?
Wait...and this one is a DOUBLE cereal post?! Yup.
The box makes it look real healthy...
First off a cereal that I've been waiting for since the first day Cheerios debuted Honey Nut Cheerios. I remember saying, "Hmm. these are decent. You know what would be good though? PEANUT BUTTER CHEERIOS!" Well now, 50 years later (not really) General Mills finally answers the call. So does it live up to the wait?
Looks like multi grain Cheerios, right?
It's pretty good! The smell is like a peanut butter slap to your face and you get excited, like you might be dealing with something way better than you could ever expected. But then you taste it and realize, yeah....It's Cheerios, but peanut butter. The flavor is there but it's more subtle than you would like. You want it to kick up a few notches but where it lands is still pretty good. When milk is added, the peanut butter flavor gets even weaker, but it's still a good bowl of cereal that you can eat and not feel gross after.
I say if you're a fan of Cheerios and enjoy peanut butter flavored treats, give these a try.
I give them a B, for "Better than Honey Nut Cheerios."


Next up is KRAVE. I had never heard of these. Never had any idea that they even existed until I wandered around the island of new cereals at my local Walmart. My arms were already filled with boxes of Peanut butter Cheerios but I still managed to scoop one of these up. I'll tell you what...I'm glad I did.

I was actually expecting these to be just okay. I thought they would be a run of the mill chocolate cereal but a review would be a good idea because they were so new and shiny! The box boasts that they are "Crispy Multi-Grain cereal outside, and smooth chocolate inside." Straight out of the box they are decent. They crunch and then there's a legit chocolate blast inside. But the real awesomeness kicks in the moment you add the milk.

When milk hits them they are instantly kind of soggy. But it's not a bad soggy. It's almost like the edges stay crunchy but the middle gets soggy and the gooey chocolate inside is somehow intensified by the milk. It literally tastes like you are eating the gooiest chocolate brownie of all time, and washing it down with a swig of cold milk. It's heaven in a bowl.
It's more like dessert than breakfast, but mother of god is it good. I had two bowls back to back and then forced someone else to have a bowl so they could share in it's awesomeness.
I give KRAVE an A for "Awwwwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this is good!"


  1. I think the regular chocolate Krave is even better. And the above 2 cereal mixed is a pretty stellar combo.

  2. Krave is a big hit for Kellogg's in the UK. They have Milk Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Chocolate Caramel across the pond. I'm glad they finally brought them to the US.

    They should have kept the original packaging though.

  3. Holy shnikys, I can't wait to inhale this stuff. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. THOSE PEANUT BUTTER CHEERIOS LOOK DELICIOUS. I WANT THEM NOW. I don't know if they're available in Canada though ):
    I will definitely be on the hunt for them

  5. zjz- Thanks for the info, I had no idea! I just picked up the other flavor to try them.

    Rebekah- You got it!

    Denise- Keep your eyes peeled. I also just found Caramel Cheerios...expect a review soon!

    Thanks for reading the blog folks!

  6. I just discovered this blog and I love you. Strangely (or not so strangely), you have reviewed many of the products I have recently bought or thought of buying.