Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tombstone Double Top Pizzas

I think to most people, frozen pizza is an alternative- the thing you buy and throw in the freezer for when you really want pizza but don't want to spend 12+ bucks on a fresh one. "I'll just get Digiorno for 6 bucks. It's close enough."

I am in the every small minority of people who treat frozen pizza as a separate thing. Sometimes I want frozen pizza. I have always gone with Tombstone because it's like $3.50 and doesn't pretend to be real pizza by having rising dough (that, in my opinion, just turns the entire pizza into 4 pounds of subpar dough). Tombstone's sauce is both sweet and kind of spicy, and I like the crunch of the crust. These things are flat, leaving nowhere for flavor to hide. The dough is merely a plate for deliciousness to be stacked on top. 

So when i saw this, I got pretty excited. What the hell is a double top pizza?

2 times the meat!

It was frighteningly thick compared to a normal Tombstone. 

Yup, that's a lot of topping. 

(2X to be exact)

Here's the beauty in the oven.

And here's a nice side angle. You kind of can't tell how much is going on, but there's a lot. Obviously, I put extra cheese on- much like my feelings for Oreos vs. Double Stuf Oreos, pizza shouldn't exist without extra cheese. And frozen pizza REALLY shouldn't- who are they hiring at these factories? Put some damn cheese on my pizza!

(I go with a montery jack and cheddar combo)

I think this picture illustrates the absurdity of this pizza best. Look at how much topping each piece has. It's ridiculous. I felt full after 2 pieces. Each bite was a battle.

That being said, it was good, you had just better like 4 meat frozen pizzas a LOT if you're planning on getting this. My problem with 4 meat pizzas is that the sausage flavor always seems to overpower everything else. I barely tasted the tiny ham cubes, occasionally tasted the pepperoni, and never tasted bacon- in fact, I just had to look and see what the other meat was. It's that inexistent. It was just sausage, sausage, sausage. It's truly amazing how much is on what is generally considered a thin pizza, but the sausage was just overpowering. 

When I get Tombstones, I just get pepperoni. Call me boring, but there's nothing quite like a pepperoni (and extra cheese) pizza. SO, thankfully Tombstone put out a Double Top Pepperoni too. It was impressive.

This had the same problem though, in that it is absolutely absurd how much pepperoni is on this. Not only did they put what looks like 3 times the amount of pepperoni slices they normally put on top, but they put more of the chopped up stuff in the sauce I always forget about.  

But, there seemed to be more sauce too (to the point where the crust almost got soggy in places), and with extra cheese, this was pretty monumental. Over time, I remembered that I love pepperoni, and this became pretty impressive.

Much like the 4 meat, you had better REALLY like pepperoni if you're considering this. Or maybe just eat a few pieces and call it a day rather than eating the whole thing. This is heartburn and stomache ache city. 

The bottom line: 

Tombstone Double Top 4 Meat Pizza: D. Literally too much topping, and all I tasted was sausage. A waste of other meats.

Tombstone Double Top Pepperoni Pizza: B+. Again, if I'm being honest, it's too much, but honestly, it's pretty freaking awesome. The next time I want to get sick, I'll get one of these again. 



  1. I've seen this but can't justify the almost double price too. I'm cheap like that. :)

    1. I didn't even notice how much they cost- I was too crazed at the concept to even bother looking. If you want A LOT of topping, break the bank the next time you go shopping!

  2. "It was just sausage, sausage, sausage"

    That's what she said

  3. I ate a double pepperoni Tombstone pizza Friday night. I'm just now getting over what I call "food poisoning". I vomited two separate times early Saturday morning with little sleep. I slept on and off all day Saturday with little energy. Ate some apple sauce and cereal to get my stomach back to stability. Today, Sunday, I finally have energy to move around.

    The last time I got sick like this was from some bad Taco Bell. I was out of commission for two full days then. Whew! I'm back baby!

    I'll never eat another Tombstone pizza again.

  4. wow, frozen pizza took your right out, good thing we aren't fighting a war, :)

    Sadly, it is pizza hut that always gets me, but I blame pepperoni in general.

    So double topping is just the meat like topping, not the cheese?

    1. There is probably a little bit of extra cheese, but yea, it seemed mostly to just be a TON of pepperoni.