Monday, May 21, 2012


If you read Fatguyfoodblog, you know we love Oreo's. You know that every time we go shopping, we check for a new Oreo, because let's face it, the people at the Oreo factory just love tossing new flavors out into the wild, and we at Fatguyfoodblog headquarters love tracking down these new flavors.
Well imagine my surprise when I went shopping the other night and discovered BIRTHDAY CAKE GOLDEN OREO FUDGE CREMES...
So. Many. Words.
Everyone knows we loved the Birthday Cake Oreo's a while back, so when I saw the logo on this bag, a package of them was in my cart so fast that any onlookers would have only seen a yellow blur. I'm surprised I didn't smash these things to dust when I spiked the package into my cart like I was celebrating a Superbowl touchdown.

So basically what you're looking at here is one Golden Oreo cookie half with Birthday Cake frosting on it. Then it's covered in chocolate (they call it fudge) and gets some sprinkles tossed onto it. Is it good? Hell yes. It's freaking delicious. The second you peel back the sticky metallic membrane covering the cookies your sinuses are drowned in the birthday cake Oreo smell. It's a scent that's almost impossibly good. Like something from another world that your sense almost have trouble comprehending. 

Artsy up-close shot, complete with reflection.
One of the good things about these is that the chocolate fudge that they are dipped in isn't that waxy, tasteless kind you get on some items like this. It's very chocolate tasting and threatens to melt the moment your fingers touch it.
Now if I had to give these a down side, it's that without the other cookie to balance things out, these are too sweet. That just means you can't eat a dozen of them without feeling sick. The birthday cake frosting is very sweet and when coupled with the chocolate fudge outside, it's like a sugar bomb going off in your mouth. I found myself having to take breaks from them for a bit before going back for another. 

Bottom line? These cookies are great. They are a neat limited edition variation of a classic that we know and love, so absolutely try them out if you can. 
I give them an A-!
Review by Rich.


  1. I didn't taste chocolate at all- the cake frosting flavor/smell was so strong that everything tasted like birthday cake. I'm not saying this is a bad thing though...

  2. C'mon - a fudge creme Oreo, WITH a birthday cake flavor? This is just getting to be too much for my taste-buds. My will-power is no fricking match, man.

  3. I am a health freak, I limit myself to one sweet thing a day and I don't keep anything like desserts in my house because I will eat it. However, when I saw these in the store I couldn't stop myself. They are absolutely delicious! When you open the package you do get that pungent birthday cake smell too. Out of this world! If I was to gain weight eating these cookies it would be well worth it.