Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Local Spotlight: Kelly's Cookie Jar

This is a bit of a local spotlight of sorts on Kelly's Cookie Jar cookies, from Exeter, New Hampshire. I found these at Fiddlehead Farms in Dover, and I would assume that you may be able to find them at other places specializing in local foods, although I could be wrong- based on the website, it looks like Kelly's Cookie Jar is literally one person (Kelly) who cooks these at her house and bakes them by order. This means that although they may not be in many stores, you can order your own online, and I may just do that myself. 

What shocked me about these cookies were their size. They're enormous. They are the thickness of 2 cookies stacked on top of each other, and absurdly full of the goodies that make up each flavor. I tried the basic chocolate chip first, and it was pretty impressive.

lookit all those chocolate chips!

Tons of chocolate chips, and the perfect combination of salty and sweet made these rival a lot of cookies I've had. You can really taste the salt, and it works wonderfully. And their thickness makes them almost too much. Almost.

Next up was an incredibly unique flavor- peanut butter toffee. 

I wasn't sure what this meant, but it was exactly what it said- peanut butter flavor with chocolate chips and chunks of toffee. I've never had peanut butter with toffee before, and it works, incidentally also in the sweet and salty way. They compliment each other nicely, and the chocolate chips just drop-kicked these into another world entirely.

Although the first 2 flavors were awesome, I think the Oreo Chocolate Chip were my favorite.

They're delicious, salty and sweet, and filled with chocolate chips and, yes- chopped up Oreos. I think the sheer ridiculousness of having cookies in my cookie made these, while rich and kind of fancy, fatguy-chortle worthy in a way only XZibit can express: 

Xzibit is a huge FGFB fan

Homemade cookies are usually the best, and based on the simplicity of ingredients, Kelly is not messing around in her just-the-basics approach. These are cookies like mom used to make- only better, and you can pretend Kelly is your mom and get your own whenever you want. Except you might be weirded out that your mom was charging you for cookies. 

These are enormous and flavorful and come in some pretty sweet varieties. I really want to try the white chocolate chip and cranberry ones. 

The only downsides with these cookies are that they're a bit expensive, but when you feel the weight and see the thickness of the cookie, any price seems fair. 

The other downside is that these may be too much for some people. They have the softness of a perfectly cooked cookie, but because of just how thick they are, they lose some of that chewy-ness. They also are quite filling. I want to high five Kelly for making them this big, but at the same time, I want to whisper (so no other fat guys hear me), "can you maybe make these a little thinner?"

I give all 3 of these cookies an A and look forward to trying more. 


  1. These cookies look amazingg! So chunky and satisfying!

  2. I agree, these cookies look delicious! The price puts me off a little, but I'm sure if I saw them in a local supermarket after reading this review I wouldn't be hesitant to pick one up for myself.

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  4. arioux, I deleted your comment by accident, but yes, we did try them, just a few posts ago. The jalapeno one tastes like grass but is still somehow delicious.


  5. I just saw that, and felt kinda stupid for asking if you'd tried them. Thanks for not making me feel more dumb! (those Ruffles chips sound disgusting, but agreed on the Utz!)