Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Sometimes I think we should change the name of Fatguyfoodblog to the GuyswhoonlyreviewnewflavorsofOreosblog. I mean, if you look at our track record, it would really fit. However it just doesn't have the same ring to it. Fatguyfoodblog is almost a household name now anyway, so we can't really change it.
But as you may have guessed, we are once again here to review a new flavor of Oreo. The flavor in question? ICE CREAM OREO: RAINBOW SHURE, BERT!

Sherbet & cookies...together! Kinda. 
So once again we find ourselves faced with a new incarnation of the Oreo. Will it be as mind blowingly good as the Birthday Cake Oreos? Will it have the same strange cream as the Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos? Will they be too sweet like the Golden Oreo Fudge Cremes? Will one flavor take over the cookie like with the Creamsicle Oreos? Or will they dominate the cookie world like the Triple Double Neopolitan Oreos? (at Fatguyfoodblog headquarters we refer to these as TRIP/DUBZ. I'd like for all of you to do the same.)
What exactly is the deal with the Rainbow Shure, Bert Oreos?
Look at those pretty colors!
Basically they take the Golden Oreo (which I have recently deemed the superior cookie) and slap a whole lot of brightly colored, SHERBET flavored cream in the middle. Much like the Birthday Cake Oreos, the second you open this package your nose is bombarded with the scent of the cookies. However this time it's not as pleasant. It's a VERY strong sherbet smell. It's not bad, but it's just a bit strong.
Looks like Play Doh!
They taste like they smell. Very strong flavor of Sherbet. It's not one of those times where they try for a flavor and don't hit it and it just tastes like chemicals. This definitely tastes like you're eating a bowl of Rainbow Sherbet... just as a cookie. When you do the classic Oreo move where you screw off the top cookie to lick off the cream, you find that the cream is strange. It's thick like Play Doh. It literally felt like I was eating a childs modeling compound. (That's actually what they say Play Doh is on their website). Except... it tastes like too strong sherbet. When you eat the cookie together, it isn't nearly as bad, but in the end these aren't the kind of Oreo that you are able to eat more than one or two of easily.
Unless of course, you are Sherbet crazy. If you are, these will be your favorite cookie of all time.
I give these new Oreos a C+

Review by Rich.


  1. I'd imagine Nabisco has a checklist a mile long of every possible new flavor they plan on cracking out in the fiscal year...for Oreo alone.

  2. Hi, Where can i get this at? Am helping a friend. Am Nurul, Singapore (:

    1. They were gone for like a year, but we saw them at our local walmart last week!