Friday, June 22, 2012

INTO THE DEEP: Deep River Aged Cheddar & Horseradish Chips

Sometimes you're on a roadtrip to the largest video game arcade in the world for your gf's bday, sometimes you're hungry and need to stop to get something to supercharge the upcoming gaming experience, and sometimes you find something so outstanding that you need to blog about how goddamn awesome they are.
ENTER: Deep River Snacks Aged Cheddar Horseradish kettle cooked potato chips. 

I snagged one of these bags up for $1 and was slightly weary, knowing that horseradish is a flavor that is traditionally handled very poorly by, pretty much everybody.

the disappointment when you realize the bag of chips you bought is half full :(
The smell of these tasty little crisps filled my 91 Cutlass with the greasy goodness from what you come to expect from a kettle chip.

chip dusting level:omega
Upon snacking down on one of these beautiful dusty creatures, you immediately get the aged cheddar flavor, old and musky, exactly like an aged cheese is supposed to taste. And then it hits you, the quick horseradish burn that fills your mouth with flavor fast as if Paul Walker himself was driving a suped up flavor Honda into your mouth. And just like Vin Diesel at the end of Fast 5, the burn is gone, and you're left waiting, wanting to stare once again upon his muscly visage in the form of glorious taste upon your tongue.

man, that got a little weird....

ANYWAY, buy these chips.
I'll be on the lookout for larger bags of these in my grocery store like a wild man hepped up on bath salts looking for a face to shred apart and devour.
i give these chipchops:


  1. Nice! These look and sounds awesome! We can only imagine the video game focus these chips must give someone....Can't wait to get our hands on some. We're huge fans of a lot of Deep River's chips. In fact their jalapeno flavor, makes our Top 5 jalapeno chips out there.

  2. more fast and furious references!

  3. Where did you get these for only $1.00? I LOVE THEM!!!

  4. I like all cheeses and I love horseradish... This however tasted absolutely horrendous. If they could make a cardboard flavored seasoning this is close