Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pringles BBQ Tour

So out of nowhere, Pringles launched not 1, but THREE brand new (of course limited edition) BBQ flavors. Pringles are kind of like the annoying younger brother of regular chips, and their BBQ leaves a lot to be desired, but I've always been a huge fan of their Sour Cream n' Onion and enjoy the tennis ball tube (even though my fat hands can't reach the bottom), so I was excited to try all three. First, I fashioned a triple barrel chipgun to blow Irwin's ears back. 

"wait... are you gonna shoot chips at me?"

First up was Memphis BBQ. Rich had heard they tasted kind of like ketchup.

And yep, they tasted kind of like ketchup. This BBQ is the tangy, sweet, very tomato-heavy kind of BBQ, and definitely my least favorite of BBQ flavors. These weren't bad, but Pringles' regular BBQ is better. These tasted just a bit too much like a cheap ketchup-mixed-with-BBQ flavor you thought was cool when you "created" it when you were 10. I popped, then I found that I could, in fact, stop.

Smoky Texas BBQ was exactly as advertised: Smoky.

I always thought it was spelled "smokey"

These were solid, and VERY smoky with a sweet, more standard BBQ aftertaste. I enjoy some smoky BBQ from time to time, so these were nice, but not all that different than regular BBQ Pringles, just more smoky. Have I mentioned that these were smoky yet? Because they were. VERY Smoky.

Last were the Honey Mustard Carolina BBQ. Rich either had heard that these tasted like gold fever wings, or he just wanted them to. 

And they did. Good sweet magnificent lord, they did. 

Wait- do you not know what gold fever wings are? Based on a google image search where 3 pictures popped up (and one was mine from my other blog), these appear to not be nearly as popular as they should be.

Do yourself a favor- get in your car and drive to the closest 99 Restaurant. Don't have a car? Steal one. Don't have a 99 within 1000 miles of you? Better start driving.

Gold fever wings are chicken tenders dipped in one of the greatest sauces ever known to mankind. If you're awesome, you then ask for cheese to be melted atop them (a FGFB invention), then dip them in blue cheese. So to reiterate- fried chicken covered in sauce, covered in cheese, covered in blue cheese. Hold on, I have to go get a new keyboard. 

Ok, I'm back. Here's a picture of a bunch of them chopped up and covered in more sauce: 

yup, need to lie down now.

So, gold fever sauce is basically just regular BBQ sauce mixed with honey mustard. It makes for a very tangy (from the mustard) and surprisingly sweet (from the BBQ) concoction. There may be sugar added, I'm not sure. All I know is that it's a wonderful, addicting and insanely unique sauce that tastes like nothing else and is instantly identifiable. And Pringles somehow managed to slap it in powder form- sorry, bless with heavenly flavor crystals- on these chips. If you've never had gold fever wings, these chips will probably be a wonderful new experience in flavor for you. If you have the gold fever I've been stricken with since first tasting gold heaven so many years ago, these will instantly hit home as the chip you've always wanted to eat, whether you knew it or not. 

Memphis BBQ: A bit too tangy and ketchupy to warrant much more than a C-
Smoky Texas BBQ: Good, but very smoky- maybe too much. C+
Honey Mustard Carolina BBQ: Glorious and unique- only one other thing in the world tastes like them. A+

Go get these while they last, I've already had trouble finding them!

-review by Mike.


  1. A friend of mine in England once sent me curry flavored Pringles. They were good, but I haven't been able to find them here in the states.
    I might try making those gold fever wings myself someday. They look good!

  2. usually I stay the F away from pringles but you sure as hell hyped up the carolina ones. MUST FIND NOW!

    1. it's solely for how much we love gold fever wings. It's such a unique flavor, and it's all over the chips. good luck, I can't find them anywhere.

  3. We concur with each of your assessments. Our only difference lies in the fact that we have not yet been able to find the Carolina BBQ ones.....and based on your review, that's too bad for us!

    Great review!

    You can find our reviews for the Texas and Memphis BBQ flavors here:

    1. yea chip review! love it.
      thanks for reading, and I'll bookmark you guys. The carolina ones are great- or should I say "were" great, since I can't even find them anymore.

  4. Gosh, had I known Pringles had 3 new flavors I may have been more inclined to have gone over to the Chips section while I was in Florida 2 weeks ago. Meh. My loss I guess. Good review, Mike!

    1. thanks! I seem to only be finding the Memphis ones now. stupid limited edition chips...