Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Burger King Bacon Sundae

I first heard about Burger King & their new Bacon Sundae a while before it debuted. It was all over the news and social media. People freaking out, like this was the first time bacon & ice cream had been combined. Like this was some sort of wild concept that had just been birthed into existence. The slim, health conscious people who hate having fun were damning it before they even saw a picture of it. The fun, adventurous, snack lovers out there were excited for it. Then there were the people in between who simply weren't sure what to think. Then I saw the first picture of it. It was a work of art! If it wouldn't melt, I'd buy one and set it on my mantle, so I could admire it from afar. 
This thing is beautiful. 
Alas, that's not really what they look like when you get them. Behold...the Burger King Bacon Sundae, in real life. Or IRL, if you're into shortening things up. 

It looks like the deformed sibling of that first sundae...
So the Burger King Bacon Sundae is basically some vanilla soft serve, caramel, hot fudge, and...well...bacon. Lots of bacon. There are little chunks busted up all through it and one big slab lodged into the top of the sundae, like the sail of a great ship.

Irwin was very interested in this. 
My first few bites of this thing were excellent. Chunks of crispy bacon swimming in melting vanilla soft serve. A perfect sweet & salty combination if there ever was one. You have to make the decision right away on whether to eat the large piece of bacon first...or save it for last. I saved it.

The downside to the Burger King Bacon Sundae is the sauce. The caramel & hot fudge is pretty much the second half of the cup. There are still crunchy bacon chunks floating in it, but you are literally spooning up mouthfuls of sauce with no ice cream at all. It's too much. When a guy writing for fatguyfoodblog tells you something is too much, it's TOO MUCH. Granted...for the good of this blog and all our readers, I finished the damn thing. But I won't lie, I felt sick after from slurping up all that raw sundae sauce. I felt like I was choking on it after a few bites. Perhaps you get sundaes and are never satisfied with the amount of hot fudge & caramel you get. If you're like that, this might be perfect for you.

I feel like this isn't a lost cause though. I would get it again and just ask for them to go light on the sauces. I think there's a happy medium that can be reached by customizing slightly. They do a great job making sure there are no fatty bacon chunks in it, as you can see by the pic below. All crunchy, crispy bacon!

Burger King didn't reinvent the wheel here. Lots of places are doing things like this these days. You may remember Denny's did a while back...you can check our review here. But if you've never had a bacon sundae, there is no reason you shouldn't try this one. It's inexpensive, simple, and delicious. Bacon makes EVERYTHING better. Even ice cream. That's a rule you can live by. So pick up a Burger King Bacon Sundae today! You may want to heed my words and have them go easy on the sauce though. Just sayin'.

I give this a B-
Review by Rich.


  1. Slow clap.gif

    never got around to trying the dennys version but maybe ill have to check this one out.

  2. You got a better one than me. I tried one of these and it had next to no bacon (and what bacon it did have was super-hard and sharp, to the point it hurt to try to chew it). I had next to no sauce on mine (and if it were up to me, my sundaes would be 95% sauce, so this was especially bad).

    Basically mine was a cup of vanilla ice cream with shards I had to pick out before eating.

    1. Too bad. You should come to somersworth, NH. Every burger king sundae I've ever gotten there has pretty much just been a cup of sauce.

  3. Can't imagine a Bacon Ice-cream could be all that great (even though they sound awesome and ARE awesome as separate entities) I'd rather keep them that way. Glad you made review, too. Might have to pass though if I ever seem them this side of the borderline.

  4. Odd, I've only had this twice (in the Nashville area, where it apparently debuted!) and the caramel and fudge sauces have been well distributed both times. The bacon almost seems like an afterthought, given how overwhelming the soft serve is in comparison, but the treat is very tasty all around. I do miss the Denny's maple bacon sundae though, not gonna lie.