Monday, August 27, 2012

Grilled Nutella & Cheese.. Aka the CheeseBoy Choco-melt

Not too long ago I got a picture delivered to my phone from a friend who was on the road in NJ. He had just had dinner in some giant mall when he stumbled upon a place called CHEESEBOY, which I didn't even know existed. He messaged me a picture of their current special.
It blew my mind.

A grilled cheese made with Nutella and American cheese, on Cinnamon Swirl bread. I asked him if he had gotten it but he said he was too full from his dinner. I was angry for an instant about this but then I remembered he isn't a huge fat dude with a blog, so I kind of understand why he didn't get it.
But only kinda.
Now my dilemma here is that New Jersey is too far away for me to drive for a grilled cheese. So I hit up their website, and found out that there were indeed locations closer in Mass. But my schedule was filled for the entire week, and I wouldn't be able to make the trip down. The idea of this sandwich stuck in my brain like crazy, so I decided there was only one course of action... I made my own.

The recipe is simple enough. I didn't go fancy with the cheese, despite my usual love for expensive deli cheese. This time I just wanted to go with a sure thing and when it comes to American Cheese, Kraft Singles are a solid choice every time. Pepperidge Farm makes everything better, so that goes without saying. Somehow I didn't have a jar of Nutella in the house. I know. It makes zero sense. But I do now.

I felt kind of like a mad scientist. I had told people about this sandwich and they hadn't seemed as excited. I assured them I had no doubt it would be spectacular. I'll be honest, as I began creating this beast, a little doubt slipped into my brain.

As I buttered the bread on one side, and then covered the other side in Nutella, I wondered if all this would be for nothing. If the first bite I would take would be gross...

But then the smell hit me, as it sizzled away in the frying pan. A strange buttery cinnamon smell, with something underneath. I used my well honed grilled cheese making skills to be sure not to burn it, flipping just when needed, and leaving it on exactly the right amount of time. By the time I slid it onto my plate, it looked like a work of art. Then I cut it diagonally, because let's face it, if you cut your sandwich any other way, you're probably either dumb, or evil.

Immediately, gooey melted American cheese oozed from the sandwich and formed a puddle, its white color thrown off by an oil spill of Nutella weaving through it. So how was it?

Simply put, it was incredible. I'm pretty sure if there was a heaven, Christ himself would serve you one of these on a golden tray as you walked through the pearly gates. Your eyes would get wide as you chomped into it and he would say, "Yeah... that right there? That's how we roll up here. Make yourself comfortable, dogg." Then you would dance away on a cloud as you finished the sandwich.

Yeah. It's that good. The combination of the sweetness of the cinnamon swirls in the bread & Nutella mixed with the rich cheese & buttery, crispy bread gives you a medley of flavors your mouth can barely keep up with. When you crunch through the bread and that mixture of cheese and Nutella hits your taste buds for the first time, you will truly understand the glory of this sandwich.  You may feel light headed as you eat this. It's fine. That's normal. It's called euphoria.

In the end, this experiment was a success. Would I want to eat this sandwich every day? Well... yes. But I won't. Because it's a dangerous item. I feel like I still have half of it jammed into the arteries surrounding my heart right now. But it was worth it. Yes, I have made more than one. Yes, I do plan on making another. But it's certainly a treat I will leave for every once in a while.

So if you have a CheeseBoy near you, go try this. If not, make it at home like we did, and make sure you thank us after, for opening your mind to what we call the 10th Wonder of the World.

Grade? A++++++++++++
Review by Rich.


  1. I would expect cream cheese, but American? Awesome...I think.

  2. Hmm.
    Brace yourself - I've never tried Nutella, with or without cheese.
    I'll have to get back to you on this one, but you write a tempting article!

  3. how could a girl *from* north jersey not see this for almost three months? so glad you enjoyed. PS next time try white cheddar(no, really!) <3 <3

  4. That's not butter! Blasphemy!

    However, and I'm not even that big a fan of Nutella, but as a cheese loving American- I really might have to try this.