Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pepperidge Farms: Milano Melts

hell yeah!

One thing that Pepperidge Farms will never cease to remember, is how to make a fantastic cookie.
We're all familiar with the ol' Milano cookie standby. It seems like the hayseeds hanging around the farm wanted to tinker with the tried and true recipe as of late, and see where they could push what might possibly be one of the best cookies on the market.

I first saw what was first of the "melts" series a few weeks ago, and asked our facebook fans what they had thought of them and if they were worth picking up. One fan stated "They are ok. Heat a regular Milano up and you would get the same effect. Nothing special."  Having faith in what our fans opinions are, I didn't bother picking these up, and went on my merry way. A few days later, I returned to our shopping venue of choice, and Excorsist flipped my neck backwards when I saw these. Not only a Melt, but they flipped what had classically been a Milano on it's head.
really pepperidge farms?
  One thing that Pepperidge Farms decidedly didn't remember, was to put any cookies in the cookie bag. There were 6 inside my package, which really bummed me out. Apparently, Pepperidge Farms is now run by the ever elusive cookie crook, once of Cookie Crisp fame, robbing consumers blind with over priced cookies. I picture him like Michael Douglas in 'Wall Street. Cigar in mouth, but still that damn cookie hat.

don't think these cookies are very big, those are tiny girl hands
So let's put aside getting screwed by PF's packing department for a moment, and concentrate on what these things actually taste like. The outer cookie has a cake sort of texture, where it wants to have a more chocolatey flavor, but just doesn't. It's not a bad thing, and I think if the chocolate was more intense it might ruin this whole deal. The vanilla creme insides were just that, a strong vanilla, almost cheesecakey type filling. I think as a whole they work together beautifully into what culminates into what Pepperidge Farms has always given us, a classy cookie that borders on decadent, but keeps us from feeling like hogs at a cookie trough.
Now that I think about it, maybe that's what the withholding of the cookies are, Pepperidge Farms keeping us from ourselves. With cookies this good, it'd be easy to over do it. But as an American, I don't want cookie elitists telling me how many cookies I am allowed to eat at a sitting.

closer view of cookie innards.
So while the cookie barons that are as much farmers as GW Bush was a Texas rancher, succeeded in making an incredible cookie, I believe the price point of the package, and the sparse number of delicious morsels contained within are keeping me from giving this product an A. flavor wise, it's hard to beat, on every other possible barometer though Pepperidge Farms needs to step up it's game if it's to survive with so much incredible competition for the cookie crown.

with flavor like that and a price point like this, you can never
get above average!

*EDIT The good folks at Pepperidge Farms reached out to us to inform us that the amount of cookies inside one of these packages is 12, and we did indeed, receive the wrong amount of Milano Melts!I do have to say they were nothing but pleasant and are going above and beyond to make the cookie mistake right. thank you!

good price, awesome cookie, great people. winning combination!


  1. Pepperidge Farms is owned by Campbell's Soup. That's why you got the ol' dicker inside the package.

  2. Cookies aside, your site is cruel, cruel, cruel. Every time I visit, I start drooling. BACON!

    I bought bacon at the supermarket today. It's all your fault. :)

  3. You called it, there really is a strong cake vibe to the outer shell. I want to say I got a bit of a 10X sugar frosting vibe from the filling. Thanks for letting me know these were out.