Wednesday, September 19, 2012

White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M's...

The different holiday seasons bring with them some great food items every year. Around Easter we get Cadbury Cream eggs and lots of chocolate bunnies. Christmas brings us Egg Nog and lots of Candy Cane flavored treats. Then there's Halloween. Pumpkin everything. But it seems this year the powers that be may have decided that the public has tired of pumpkin, so it looks like they are trying something else. What is that something?'s Candy Corn.

You know, Candy Corn, the only candy you would get mad at seeing in your bag after a night of trick or treating. The candy that only one in every 3083 people like. So yeah, sounds like a good idea, flavor some classic candy like them! The team at the M&M factory wasted no time getting these out on shelves. White Chocolate Candy Corn M&M's!

Even the guy on the package isn't happy about it. 
I didn't think I was going to like these from the start, because, well...I don't really like Candy Corn. I'm pretty sure during October every year at some point I will eat one from a dish when I'm somewhere, and it's okay, but as I'm swallowing the last little bit I grimace and say to myself, "Ugh...don't need anymore of those." and then I don't have another one until the following year. Because they just aren't that good. Just a weird sweet chunk of waxy candy that coats your tongue way too much for how small it is. Why, M&M, why was this your choice for a new flavor? Why not Coffee, or caramel, or hell, Bacon?

Only three colors in this bag, son. 
But I have to give them credit for at least trying something fresh. They look the same as regular M&M's, just that they only come in Yellow, White and Orange. They taste like white chocolate. But not JUST white chocolate, there's a little something else. I don't think they hit the nail right on the head with Candy Corn though. I can almost say they taste like them but it's slightly off. I think the flavor other than white chocolate is given off from the candy shell, so as you crunch them together, it forms, what the M&M scientists would hope to be the Candy Corn flavor. But...they kinda fail.

Man, we should get jobs taking pictures of food, these are beautiful!
So are they good? Well, at first I didn't like them. I but the bag on the desk while doing some work and ended up going back to them every few minutes. A little while later I changed my tune. They grow on you.
But Mike, being one of the only people on Earth who likes Candy Corn, tried them and didn't like them at all. Strange.

In the end I'd say they are a fun gimmick, and okay, but I'm pretty sure every other flavor of M&M are better than these. Even those weird Raspberry ones they did a while back. Yeah. Even those. So pick up a bag if you want to put something weird in a candy dish at your Halloween party, or perhaps give away the little bags to Trick or Treaters.
But once they realize what you gave them, prepare for your house to get toilet papered.

These get a C+!
Review by Rich.


  1. As a candy corn fan and a hater of white chocolate, I don't think this really tasted like either thing, but I enjoyed the hell out of them. (Thank you)

  2. Although I'm not a fan of candy corn, I'd definately prefer them in my plastic pumpkin to bit-o-honey or root beer barrels.

    1. WHAT?!?!?! Bit-o-honey and root-beer barrels bothare awesome classic candy! Cant wait to try these I am a fan of both white chocolate and candy corns.

  3. I actually really like these. My only problem with them is that they leave a sort of greasy hand feel from the shell.

  4. I like candy corn, though I don't love or crave it. These, I love. I'm not even sure why, but they have certain deliciousness. They don't taste lie candy corn, though aren't particularly dissimilar tasting either.

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