Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pepsi NEXT: Paradise Mango

Pepsi decided to do try something drastic recently. Not only did they add to the Pepsi NEXT branding after the failure of Pepsi EDGE (for us MEN that don't want to drink wimpy diet soda), but they also released some flavored versions of it that I'm sure won't be on the market for very long.
I wish I had gotten my hands on the Vanilla Cherry option, but we picked up the Paradise Mango and decided to give it a proper try.

Pepsi NEXT Mango Paradise tastes pretty much they way you'd expect it to. The NEXT brand, where instead of calories, they decided just to throw another handful of chemicals in it to fill the space left over in the bottle... So, start with that as its base, and then throw in mango flavored chewing gum, stir it around for a bit, and take a pull off of this part pepsi, part mango, all chemical combination!

BLOOD RED! erm maybe not.
As far as sodas go this is pretty tasty, but you can't get over just how incredibly fake it tastes. You'd figure a billion dollar corporation would be able to fool my poverty stricken taste buds a little bit better. 

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