Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I just did the math, and about 1/10th of our posts have been about Oreos. Sometimes we feel that we give too much attention to Oreo, but a food blog relies on innovation, and Oreo continues to step up to the challenge, never seeming to run out of flavors and variations. 

When I saw the title of this new kind, MEGA STUF OREOS, I actually laughed out loud in the store. It's just a regular Oreo with way more creme, so I wondered if something like that was even worth the review. Then I thought to myself, "dude, they're called MEGA STUF OREOS. How on earth could a blog called Fatguyfoodblog NOT review these?" So I bought some. And my life changed forever. 

First off, Oreo isn't messing around. These things are BIG. 

For some reason, they are lined up differently. I hope that becomes the way Oreo does things from here on out, because it's been much easier to get these out. I don't know what they were thinking with the old design. 
They are stacked in lines of 7. The Double Stuf bag used for comparison is 3 lines of 10. That's 21 to 30. That's 9 less Oreos in the Mega Stuf. That's nearly an entire row of regular Oreos that don't fit in the bag because of the sheer amount of creme in these. Of course, the layout could affect the overall numbers as well, but I'm choosing to believe (and not investigate further) the latter, because the creme theory just sits so much better with me.

In the interest of science, I've enclosed a diagram of the sizes of these. To the left is the original Oreo, which we refer to as Diet Oreos. In the middle is the "I'm a skinny wimp and there's too much frosting in these for me" style of Double Stuf Oreo, ignored by skinny wimps and preferred by people like us who like good things. To the right is the Mega Stuf Oreo, which is, frankly, almost comical in its comparative size. 

After further analysis, I started to wonder if what makes an Oreo a Mega Stuf Oreo is just a Double Stuf amount of creme mixed with a Diet Oreo's creme.

And it's pretty damn close. (left is Mega Stuf)

In fact, if you look at the creme closely, it even looks like these 2 amounts jammed together. 

This, of course, led to me thinking about the ultimate fat guy thing to do with Double Stuf Oreos...

And I wondered what that would look like with a Mega Stuf. 


So, after all this science, what is my conclusion? These Oreos rule. They've got a shit ton of Oreo creme in them- in fact, TOO much. Eating them the Oreo way is hard to do. It literally starts to feel disgusting just eating THAT much frosting. You definitely need the cookie to help. And even then, it verges very closely to too much. 

My line where something goes from delicious and awesome to "I'm sorry, it's just TOO much" is probably a lot farther up the scale than yours. And I'm saying these are arguably too much. So basically, these are only suitable for people manly enough to handle them. People who think Diet Oreos are better than Double Stuf: stay the hell away from these. These are for severely fat people, potheads, freshman in college and little kids who don't eat their vegetables and sneak snacks when their parents aren't looking. These are not for the common man. These are special.

Honestly, after having a Double Stuf, I think I may actually prefer that amount of creme, while reserving Mega Stuf for special occasions or the hilarity of acting like eating these somehow makes me tough. So technically, I shouldn't give these the greatest grade. BUT, that doesn't matter. These are the things we dream about, the things we try to create. These are literally a company going too far. They have a name as ridiculous as MEGA STUF. They deserve nothing more than the highest grade for their existence alone. I give these the only thing they deserve:



...and maybe even a redesigned package. 

-review by Mike


  1. I occurs to me that these may actually be healthier than double stuf, because the over-abundance of creme might lead you to eat only a few rather than a whole bag!

  2. I can't even eat Double stuf I guess I'm a wimp but I'll stick with my diet Oreos!

  3. I love these. I'll never eat any other kind of Oreo (unless the sad day comes when they stop making these). As Miken said, I think I eat fewer total, because just a couple satisfies me.

    1. that day will sadly come soon- they are limited edition after all...

  4. I did exactly the same thing!!! (But I referred to my creation as an Ultra-Mega Oreo.)

  5. I did not like the "Birthday Cake" Oreos at all ... But love these suckers! The More White OREO "STUFF" the better!

  6. I saw these in the store and got ridiculously happy. The creme is the best part, in my opinion. The only complaint I have is that the creme is kind of messy looking and it made me wonder if I got an opened package, but upon further inspection it was just the way they were. I guess that much creme just can't be controlled.

  7. i recall a few months back wondering if they sell just the stuff without the cookie... or even now as i think about it, selling the stuff and the cookies on their own... make your own oreo... now i need to go see if these are still out there....

    1. I'd LOVE a make-your-own oreo. SO much filling.
      I still see these at walmart- good luck!

  8. I prefer the double stuffed. They melt down in the milk so much better then the original