Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eckrich Bacon Lovers Deli Meats!

Once in a while we get a little weird here at FGFB. Sometimes we're asked what we think about certain food items, and even if it's not what you usually see on FGFB, we'll give it a try.

That's kind of what happened when the kind folks over at Eckrich asked us what we thought of their new bacon infused deli line! Wasn't sure how we'd go about reviewing some different meats, but we figured, why not how deli meats are naturally consumed, in an All American sandwich!

 I know it's Canadian White, but they're our brothers to the North!
If you're all done judging the kind of sandwich I'm about to make, just listen. I wanted to go classic, but sans lettuce, because honestly, lettuce does absolutely nothing for a sandwich. If you're looking for something crazy, might I suggest our other brothers to the north, Epic Meal Time.

These called for a thin layer of mayo, a slice of tomato, a few onion rings, with a slice of american, the only thing missing is a pickle, but I figured a pickle would completely overpower any of the flavor of the meats. So I made 2, each with a different kind of Eckrich Bacon Lovers Deli Meat.

First up, Bacon Infused Turkey!

Of course before I slapped a handfull of slices onto the white bread, I had to have one or two. First impression of the meat was how incredibly salty it was. I understand why, and how it got that way, but honestly, I could barely eat the whole slice. It made me Judge Dredd face knowing I had to eat an entire sandwich of what was basically flattened down salt with some bacon chunks, that they drove past a turkey going 90 mph to get the faintest of turkey flavor onto the meat. Now, before you write this off, just wait till the end of the post.

The real question is if Irwin likes it.


Now for the real test of the meat, was how it tasted inside of a sandwich. I'm extremely weirded out that when I bit into it, the flavor of the meat completely changed, and you could taste the turkey breast and hints of bacon. I think maybe the other items in the sandwich nullified the salt content, thus clearing the way for the real meat flavor to shine. I don't think it'll completely replace the need for bacon and separate turkey, but in a jam, I think this Bacon Lovers Turkey Breast will do just nicely.

Next on the list, Eckrich's Bacon Ranch Chicken Breast!

Of course I couldn't wait to get this slice of meat into my mouth. Something that has this much promise, this much riding on it. A whole generation of teen stoners remember the world before Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza, and not a one of them wants to go back. I was hoping that this deli meat would do for the casual sandwich crowd what it did for pizza lovers everywhere. Did it? Well let's see if Irwin likes it first.

So when I sampled a slice, pre sandwich, I had a similar disdain for the meat as I had the last one. It just tasted like cold wet salt, with no real chicken breast flavor, and ranch specs that tasted eerily like someone rolled the deli meat on the ground, and if the ground was made of pepper. At least the bacon was decent inside this. Oddly, the SAME EXACT PHENOMENON happened when I went full sandwich with this, the saltiness disappeared and we were left with some sort of meat, couldn't really tell it was chicken, and some bacon bits. Not bad, but it didn't blow my hair back or my tongue out of my mouth.

In conclusion, the scientists at Eckrich have perfected the art of fusing animals together for the purposes of deli meats like some sort of twisted delicious Isle of Dr. Moreau. The meats however were pretty deceptive. On their own, just a salty squishy meat of unknown origins. So the final ingredient to these meats MUST be the sandwich, the combination of which unlocks, not really mind blowing flavor, but some, and fails to impress overall. But I think Eckrich has their mind right and I'm sure with time they'll figure out how to make this selection of meats a little more flavorful for their bacon loving demographic.

"Man Josh, did I make these sandwiches for breakfast? You look tired!"  Yes. Yes I did.
 I give these meats a C.


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    1. hahah thanks a lot! We're psyched you like the site enough to give us an award featuring so many versions of awesome.

  2. I thought this was a fantastic idea, as I love bacon. And then I bought it. And ate it. The eating part wasn't difficult. It was the fake-smoke flavored burps I had the entire rest of the day. I haven't been able to eat any since.