Friday, May 10, 2013

Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt Wavy Lays!

As the CCO (Chief Chip Officer) of FGFB, my eyes are always on alert for new chips whilst I roam the grocery store aisles, battling the masses for the last bag of that new limited edition chip there never seem to be enough bags of. I was away from home base for a few weeks, and when I saw these, I took a picture of them without buying them- I'm not a big fan of garlic and thought these might suck for me, but would be wondrous to the other dudes who just so happen to worship garlic. I was gonna buy them a bag in case NH didn't get any, like any good snack buddy would do. 

But Rich had already bought a bag, and upon tasting them, I might as well have just stolen the bag from him like I stole the review. 

First off, I didn't realize how different roasted garlic tastes from regular garlic (or how disgusting it looks). I'm certain that even in my extremely limited foodview, I've had SOMETHING that features roasted garlic. And I'm assuming that I just didn't catch on that it's a completely different flavor. Or maybe Lay's broke their pretty damn successful track record of making chips that taste like what they claim to. I don't really care. Because somehow, in the vastness of flavor country, these roasted garlic and sea salt chips remind me an awful lot of my second favorite discontinued chips ever: THE WORKS. 

(1st being Wild n' Mild Ranch Fritos of course)

Somehow the flavor on these chips reminds me of the end-of-chip spice kick you get from The Works. Whether the combination of sour cream and chive from the chips really mimics roasted garlic or there was actually roasted garlic on The Works, I don't know, nor do I really care past briefly wondering it as I dump chips down my throat. All that matters is that it does have that taste. It's like that spicy kick mixed with a little bit of the vegetable sweetness you get from cooked red peppers, all somehow tied together with a mysterious creaminess that has no business existing in a chip that has no creamy ingredient.

These things are a mystery, but they're beautiful. Here's a pretty perfect chip:

My dumb brain clearly has trouble understanding these chips. But I don't understand the internet either and that's worked out pretty well for me, so I'm just gonna chalk it up to sweet baby Jesus' magical flavor powers and worship these chips like they deserve to be. If you can find them, absolutely get them, and prepare yourself for an incredibly interesting yet somehow oddly familiar flavor that will make you wonder "why hasn't this flavor existed on chips forever?"

At least that's what I wonder. These get an A, easily. 

Irwin, what do you think about them?

I have no idea what that means, Irwin. English, please.

-review by Mike 


  1. Excellent! I'm glad I snagged a bag recently when Lays were on sale and I saw a display with these. Can't wait to tear 'em open.

  2. Ruffles put out a chip called Cheesy quesadilla (in canada at least) that tastes reminiscent of the works, and i felt compelled to let you know

    1. WHOA! thank you! I'm gonna hunt them down on ebay, that sounds awesome!