Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pumpkin Spice M&M's

It's no secret that fall is our favorite time of the year. How could it not be? The horrid heat of summer has once again retreated, fairs begin popping up everywhere, and our favorite snack companies begin pumping out their fall offerings. A bunch of stuff either pumpkin or apple flavored and we are all about it! 

The first one to catch our eye was the new M&M's...so let's get right to it. PUMPKIN SPICE M&M's! 

Ol' Orange doesn't look too happy about being pumpkin flavored...

Tearing into the first bag, the first thing I noticed was they colored them differently to discern them from the Halloween M&M's. Well played. These are brown, orange and green rather than orange & black. I suppose that's a good thing in case at your Halloween party you have dishes of different M&M's, you don't want Johnny Six Pack thinking he's grabbing a handful of Pumpkin only to find a mouthful of peanut, right?

Irwin was very interested in these at first, simply because they are food.
So how did they taste? Well...weird. They mostly just taste like a regular M&M that has some cinnamon mixed with the chocolate inside. That's really it. After eating a few handfuls, that's really all I really got from them. I started thinking that they may have made a mistake with these, using regular milk chocolate and not white chocolate. I think the white chocolate might have combined with the cinnamon flavor and been more along the lines of a pumpkin flavor overall. The chocolate just overpowers and gives your brain very little room to decipher the taste as Pumpkin Spice.

While I applaud M&M's for being the first out the gate with a new fall flavor, I think this one falls short of what they were aiming for. Were they horrible? Nah, if you put a dish of them out at your Halloween gathering, nobody is going to complain, but they probably won't love them either.  Worth trying for the novelty but in the end, kinda boring. Chocolate Cinnamon M&M's.
I give them a C-, better luck next time, M&M's.
Oh...and there will be a next time. Haven't you heard? First quarter, 2014...

Birthday Cake M&M's. Yup. This is legit. They can't arrive soon enough! But until then, we'll see what else these guys have up their sleeves. Hopefully it's better than Pumpkin Spice!
Review by Rich.

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  1. Spot on. These aren't really worth buying more than one bag of, IMO. Completely wasted opportunity.