Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Sonic Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog

Until a couple years back, Sonic did not exist in our neck of the woods. As most of you know, the Fatguyfoodblog crew resides in beautiful New Hampshire. While it's true we travel across all of New England on a whim to try new foods, before Sonic arrived in Massachusetts, we would have had to drive ten hours to bask in it's glory. One time, we did. 
But then it finally made it's way here, and for the first few months we used to head down there almost weekly. True, the food isn't anything incredible, but it's good enough and I'll be damned if I'm not addicted to mixing different flavors together as far as drinks go. Once a group of us went and just kept buying drinks. I think our table had 27 different ones on it before we called it a night. 
So I can assure you that when Sonic announced that they were throwing their hat in the mix of items with a pretzel bun, we wasted no time going to try it out. We made the hour long journey to taste the Sonic Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog! 

That's a lot of bacon on there huh?
After going through the painful ordeal of ordering my Strawberry Fruit Slush with Watermelon and Blue Coconut, and a large order of onion rings, I rounded the meal out with the hot dog in question. I got worried that the lady speaking back to me out of the giant lit up menu, had gotten my order wrong, but I couldn't tell for sure because she read it back to me faster than the Micro Machine guy from back in the 80's. In the end I just crossed my fingers and it ended up coming out alright.

The first thing I noticed about the dog was that it was indeed piled high with bacon. Crispy, delicious bacon, with no blubber to be found. Nice work, Sonic.

Yep, that's a pretzel bun alright...
Next I dipped a finger in the cheese sauce. It was actually pretty damn delicious. That's two for two, Sonic! After this I admired the pretzel bun for a few moments. Running my fingers down the side of it like a rich man checking out an expensive sports car on a showroom floor. I pressed into it to see how soft it was, and then even smelled it. It was soft, and smelled just like a giant hot pretzel. So far I have nothing to complain about. So I knew it was time to dive in, and I took the first bite. The soft bun, mixed with the crispy bacon and cheese sauce were all fantastic. What wasn't? The hot dog. Every bite started out excellent but as soon as the hot dog flavor was released it went straight downhill. It was like I went into a 7 Eleven at 2am and picked up the grossest, oldest hot dog that they had, one that had been spinning around on that gizmo for the last 17 hours. It was that bad. We all know hot dogs aren't the best thing for you and that they are usually made with nasty ingredients, but at the same time, there are good hot dogs out there. This is not one of them. At all. The delicious bun, bacon and cheese sauce weren't enough to save this one. The hot dog flavor overpowered everything else.

Whole lot of good stuff going on right here...

So in conclusion, I guess all I have to say about this dog is that...well, they need a better hot dog. Seriously, Sonic. EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT THIS THING IS GREAT EXCEPT THE MAIN PART! With even a halfway decent hot dog in this thing I wouldn't have complained at all. But this thing was horrid. Perhaps I got a bad one, but Josh got one too and his was just as gross. If you were making excuses for Sonic, you might say that it was a bad batch? But where do you draw the line? I say Sonic needs a better dog.
I give the Sonic Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog a C-!
But hey, it doesn't even matter, I'll still swing in whenever I'm near a Sonic.
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Review by Rich.

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