Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chewy Chips Ahoy Oreo Creme filled cookies!

So apparently somewhere along the line a few years ago whoever the mad genius is running Nabisco must have made a declaration that they were going to dominate the worldwide cookie game. It was a probably a ten year plan, put together on a massive blackboard in some boardroom. They were going to embrace change and innovation. It started slow, with things like the Golden Oreos. Then the flavors started getting more and more crazy and it started happening more and more often. Fast forward to 2014 and we're getting a new limited flavor of Oreo every time we turn around. Chips Ahoy cookies also had their fair share of new flavors, but nothing like the amount Oreo did. Looks like that might be changing, folks. Nabisco seems to be fast tracking new Chips Ahoy flavors left and right. You may have even read our review for the Mega Fudge, Sweet & Salty , Ice Cream Creations, Chocofudge and Brownie filled. But now they have done something we never thought possible. They have created the first Nabisco cookie cross over. Ladies and gents, let's get right to it! Chewy Chips Ahoy Oreo Creme filled cookies!

This isn't a dream. I promise it's real. 

Oreo cream inside of a chewy chocolate chip cookie. Seems like a home run no matter what! The mere mention that these existed was enough to get us to jump in cars and hit a half dozen local shopping centers. OREO CREAM INSIDE OF A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE! So do they live up to expectations?

Look like regular old cookies right? 

Kinda. You see, the biggest strike against these cookies are the cookies themselves. Chewy Chips Ahoy aren't a very exciting cookie. They aren't bad, they just aren't something I would ever buy. I always want something more exciting. Sure, I'll choose them over the rock solid regular Chip's Ahoy any day. But it's a very rare thing for me to buy a bag of them. They just aren't that great.

All of that changes when you put a layer of Oreo creme in the middle. It's a little more gooey than the cream you get in your Oreo, but the taste is spot on. Being tiny and chewy, it's quite easy to pop a half dozen of these down your gullet before you even realize you're doing it. They are pretty damn delicious. Between four of us, we made short work of a package. Luckily we bought two! Then we had an idea. A wonderful, awful idea.

This makes no sense. 

Imagine you put a chewy Chips Ahoy cookie in the middle of an Oreo? So we did it. And yes it was one with Oreo Creme in the middle. Why not? In essence it will be the opposite of the Chewy Chips Ahoy filled with Oreo Creme. It was great! I highly recommend if you find yourself with a package of each of these cookies that you make a version of this for yourself. The crunchy parts of the Oreo offset the chewy chocolate chip cookie and it all comes together for a great crunchy, chewy, sweet mix.

We should work for Nabisco. 

All in all these cookies are excellent and very worth your hard earned cash. THEY HAVE OREO CREME INSIDE THEM!  I'm sure these are only going to be on shelves for a limited time so scoop them up the moment you see them. Because before long Nabisco is going to rip them from the shelves and give us another flavor. I've heard Birthday Cake Frosting Chips Ahoy are coming...
We salute you, Nabisco! For trying new things at the drop of a hat and not giving a damn in the process. That's how they have taken over the cookie game. Oreo AND Chips Ahoy? 3094834 flavors each. Pretty soon the stores are going to do away with any non-Nabisco cookies because they simply won't have room for them. The cookie aisle will be lined with the craziest flavors you could ever imagine. This is a future I will gladly accept. BRING IT ON!

In the end, I give Chewy Chips Ahoy Oreo Creme Filled cookies a B+!

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Review by Rich!

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