Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Keebler Peanut Butter Smores cookies.

Ah S'mores. The summertime treat mostly enjoyed while braving the great outdoors. There's nothing like roasting a marshmallow over your crackling campfire, and then sandwiching it between a couple graham crackers and a slab of Hersheys chocolate. In recent years the Fatguyfoodblog crew has begun substituting Reeses peanut butter cups in place of the Hersheys. Why? Chocolate+ Peanut Butter > just chocolate. Do the math. It adds up. But however you make your s'mores, when you take that first bite, most of us get a blast of nostalgia. Being a kid, camping with the fam, something along these lines. This is when a snack becomes much more. It's my belief that something like this should be left alone. Let it be the product of combining these materials, all purchased separately, on a special occasion a few times a year.
But nope. Keebler couldn't leave that alone.So for all the lazy pieces of crap out there, they made you a S'more that takes no work! Heck, they even made a peanut butter version! They must have been spying on our last camping trip. So, will these take the place of your classic S'more?
Let's find out...

Wait...where's the marshmallow? 
The Keebler elves made two flavors of these S'mores cookies right out the gate. Original and Peanut Butter. We only reviewed one. Why? Well...they suck. 
Let's break it down. It's basically a chocolate covered wad of slightly peanut butter flavored sand. 

8 little cookies per package. YIKES. 

That's not very appetizing in the least. After one bite of one of these I was reaching for a cup of water because my mouth felt coated with a dusting of fine sand. Then after the second bite I looked down again at the cookie to see if perhaps it really was sand and I was the victim of some cruel prank.
Not the case. They are just bad cookies. 

They are so bad that out of the mere 8 cookies that come in the package, I gave away six. Each of the six people who had one kind of just shrugged and said they were just whatever. I'm definitely going to give them a worse rating than that. They are S'mores and don't have any marshmallow in them. How do you mess that up?

I expect more from the Keebler Elves. I really do. They do a great job copying all of the Girl Scout Cookie flavors. Most of what they do is quite solid. However, this time they have failed. I hope the next time they try to tackle something as important as the S'more, they put a little more research and quality into creating it. If not? Don't even leave your weird little tree house, you creeps!

I give the Keebler S'mores Peanut Butter sandwich cookies a C-, and that's being nice. 

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Review by Rich!


  1. Man, this is a bummer. When I first saw this post I was all pumped to go and get them....I'm glad I read this before I went out.

  2. Glad im allergic to peanut butter

  3. WTF? 8 cookies in a pack? And no marshmallow?