Friday, October 24, 2014

Wendy's Pulled Pork Extravaganza!

Well lookeeeee here! The world's favorite red head just came out with 2 new sandwiches and a twist on their classic fries. Admittedly, when thinking of the boardroom meeting that the 83 scientists and 26 execs, all lead by a freckly-faced, pig-tailed, red-headed tween, I would never have imagined Wendy's stepping up to Arby's, and taking a venture into the vast world of BBQ Pulled Pork. So with Wendy's coming out swinging with a BBQ covered baseball bat, let's see if this titan of enterprise struck out, or hit a home run into Big Papi's windshield because he parked across the street from the Green Monster.

This time, I decided to switch things up and make an absolute glutton of myself. So here, starting clockwise from the top, is the Wendy's Pulled Pork Burger, with Spicy BBQ sauce, Pulled Pork Sandwich featuring Smokey BBQ sauce, and finally, what may in fact be the star of our show, the Pulled Pork Cheese Fries, with Sweet BBQ sauce. You'll notice, that there are now 3 different options to the BBQ sauce on your items, I decided to go with what I thought would match everything, but hey, it's 2014, do what feels good.



The heft of these sandwiches causes a fat man to giggle all the way back to the table, cause he knows, HE KNOWS, that portions are everything. (take note Friday's with your abysmal fry portions) The warm Brioche was a perfect choice to put these on, and after they sit for a few, the bun turns into this chewy encasement, that does well to contain the mess that is these burgers. The Spicy BBQ sauce wasn't that hot at all, and just tasted like their classic BBQ but with a hint of jalepeno or some other generic heat spice source. The pulled pork did it's job and provided a soft, meaty vehicle to hold sauce. Overall, pretty tasty, average, and only because of one issue that keeps it back from being stellar, which I'll get into in a moment.


So I switched it up and got smokey, and I'll tell you what,  mistake. The smokeyness of the BBQ sauce tasted so odd that I put the sandwich down a few times, not thinking I'd continue, but, I do work for a food blog know...

Unfortunately, since BBQ is the whole concept behind this, the BBQ being just plain weird kills the whole thing. Rich may be able to weigh in on this because I think he got sweet BBQ, check the comments to see if that low life has anything to add!

The larger problem here is something that I have no clue why they decided to include on these sandwiches. The coleslaw. It wouldn't be bad if it were maybe actual coleslaw, but what we get are THICK pieces of celery and carrots, that end up feeling like they don't belong anywhere near a sandwich, and makes for an odd experience. You start questioning what kind of canned "slaw" am I eating, and "are these bugs? no no, it's the slaw, wait...that's weird, is it worms? no, no, just the weird slaw ok....I think...."

So my suggestion, stay away from Smokey BBQ, and get that burger, any pulled pork burger,  Lucy Slaw-less.


During that board meeting, those scientists and execs spent many a late night just hammering away at the drawing board, knowing they got these two sandwiches ready to go but what, by god, could they release that could compliment this offering to the masses? What kind of item would make grown men fall to their knees and weep with joy? What kind of an item could make the most faithful of men sneak off in the middle of the night to see their red headed mistress and indulge in carnal mouth pleasure? Then there was a great boom, a crack of lightning cascaded through the clouds and down the ink black sky into the boardroom window, shooting glass and shards of exploded office furniture on top of the already weary scientists. As the smoke clears, a lone figure steps from out of the thick grey haze and into the light. Dave Thomas has descended from the heavens, and in his hand, an order of Pulled Pork Cheesefries.
If you can't tell I loved these. I'm not even bothered by the nacho cheese that's on it which I typically despise. This is what fast food has been waiting for. The fries topped with mounds of pulled pork, and a sweet BBQ sauce that far exceeds any of the others they currently offer. Expect these fries to get soggy about half way through, but thats ok, grab a fork and go to town.

If these weren't good enough, I have one small suggestion which might just make these too good for the average human being to imbibe.


Overall I'd have to say, Wendy's didn't really hit a home run with the sandwiches, if I knew more about sports I could have come up with something clever about in-field double or something, but I just don't have it. The Pulled Pork Cheesefries however, the ball is still circling the globe and won't drop back to earth for another 3000 years. Good job Wendy's, thank you for going up and poking Arby's with a stick and slapping them across the face. I'm excited to see what their answer is. 

BBQ Pulled Pork CheeseBurger with Spicy BBQ: B
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with Smokey BBQ: D
BBQ Pulled Pork Cheesefries: A+
-Reviewed by Josh

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  1. I ate one of Wendys BBQ sandwiches in Nov 14 and it was great .....much better that Famous Daves chopped pork and way better than Rudys..... the spicy was perfect the slaw very tasty I wish that would have the BBQ as a regular item I would get it often....