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Double Fall Oreo review! Caramel Apple & Pumpkin Spice!

I think we can all agree, that at the rate Nabisco is putting out new flavors of Oreo cookies, we should see another eight to ten flavors before the end of 2014, and that might be aiming low.  So it didn't faze us in the least when we heard that they were releasing TWO kinds of Oreo's this fall.  It took some looking but we finally tracked them both down. So let's get down to it!

First up we have Caramel Apple Oreo cookies!

Notice the Ferris wheel in the background...

I haven't had a caramel apple in years. You know why? They aren't that good. The caramel is usually an impenetrable shield surrounding the apple. It's like trying to bite through a solid ball of slightly sugar tasting plastic. And to what end? Fruit? Come on. If I'm going to work that hard the middle should be a salted caramel peanut butter ball with a liquid chocolate center. Whoa. Did I just make up something incredible or does this already exist? If it does, please write in.
But, in essence, the flavor of a Caramel Apple is good. So I set out to the Deerfield Fair on our annual trip and brought some of these cookies with me so that I could try them directly after sampling a fresh caramel apple directly from a vendor at the fair.

Right out of the package you can smell the sweet fake apple smell of these cookies. The white cookie with half neon green, half boot leather brown creme inside.  I have to say, I was intrigued. But first I had to track down a Caramel Apple. I did. IT COST ME FIVE BUCKS! The things I do for this blog. So? How did it measure up? Well as expected the caramel apple itself proved nearly impossible to get into. The caramel was so hard that I contemplated taking a lighter to it for a few seconds to try to melt my way through. After I finally got through it and had a bite that had both caramel and apple in it, I decided it wasn't nearly worth the trouble. But? The cookie does a pretty good job of mimicking the flavor. Although it lacks the tang of the granny smith apple. It's a bit more of a dull apple flavor in the cookie. 

Rocking the FGFB tee, but incognito. 
In the end I would say that these are worthy of a C+. If you are yourself, the biggest fan in the world of caramel apples and you're scoffing at everything I wrote in this review, by all means get yourself a bag of these. You will love them. If you are a normal person who doesn't really care to eat a caramel apple in real life? Probably skip these cookies. They aren't bad, but they aren't that good. If your curiosity gets the better of you, you won't be angry you bought them, but they will hang around for a while and you won't be excited about them at all. Perhaps save your money for these next Oreos...

Next up? Pumpkin Spice Oreo Cookies!

How could they do fall flavors without Pumpkin Spice?! Well I'm going to tell you right up front, they knocked this one out of the park. I'm a fan of pumpkin flavored items and these did not disappoint in the least. They went with the Golden Oreo cookie, which was a smart move, I'm pretty sure the chocolate ones would have been disgusting.

The second I ripped that bag open I realized they smell excellent. Like a slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day. Another thing I noticed right off the bat with these is that there is more creme in them, than in a regular Oreo. Look at that, it's nearing double stuf territory! Let's face it, anything below Double Stuf levels is too little cream anyway, so these are automatically doing things right, out of the gate. Not only that, but aside from tasting like great pumpkin spice, the creme also seems to have the texture of pumpkin pie filling, but that could just be my crazy autumn loving brain trying to make these even better than they are.

Not only were Pumpkin Spice the best of the two, but these ones jump right up into my top Oreo cookies of all time. I loved them. I hope they keep doing them every Fall because I will be first in line to scoop them up. Try them with a mug of hot cider. DIP THEM IN THE HOT CIDER. Experience bliss.
In the end I'm giving Pumpkin Spice Oreo cookies an A+. If you don't like Pumpkin, you wouldn't be buying these anyway, but if you're a fan, you're going to love these cookies to death. Get them fast before they are gone. They won't be in stores long, because we all know in two weeks they will probably roll out twelve new holiday flavors.

Review by Rich!

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