Friday, January 3, 2014

Ben & Jerry's Present: Ron Burgundy's Scotchy Scotch Scotch

If you've ever visited Fatguyfoodblog before you know we're review lots of different things. But if you had to break it down, I think you'd agree that one of the things we review the most would have to be Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Let's face it, fat guys love Ben & Jerry's. Hell, everyone loves Ben & Jerry's so why not try them all? Now a while back I remember seeing a picture of a Ben & Jerry's pint with Will Ferrel's Ron Burgundy character from Anchorman on it and chalked it up to being something someone photoshopped online. But then I was recently listening to a Marc Maron podcast with Ferrel on it and he actually talked about it, so I immediately freaked out and started searching for it like crazy. At long last, I tracked down a pint of it.
Which I ate without taking any pictures for a review at all.
But luckily I was smart enough to buy 2.
Enough stalling. Let's get to it, the first Fatguyfoodblog review of 2014...

Ben & Jerry's Limited Batch of Ron Burgundy's Scotchy Scotch Scotch!

Sorry folks, no regular scotch in here, just butterscotch.

When I first plucked the pint from the freezer section in our local Walmart, I read what the ice cream was, and I have to say, I had very low expectations. "Butterscotch Ice Cream with Butterscotch swirls." Hmm. That sounds a little boring right? Sounds like it's going to be missing something. Why didn't they put any nuts in there? Why isn't there any candy? There's ice creams I enjoy that are just one flavor, but when I see a new Ben & Jerry's I expect not only great ice cream, but also some sort of interesting swirls, accompanied by something like chocolate chips, brownie chunks, or chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. These things add not only another flavor, but another texture. How could this double butterscotch ice cream even be that good?

Like the landscape of an alien world. A butterscotch world. 

Well I'll be honest, I ate the first bite and screamed out, "GREAT ODIN'S RAVEN!" Or maybe it was, "BY THE HAMMER OF THOR!" One of those. Why? Well, it's not just good. It's fantastic. FANTASTIC, I tell you. I'm not even the worlds biggest butterscotch fan, but this ice cream is excellent. The butterscotch ice cream is well done, creamy and not overly flavorful, they leave that to the butterscotch swirls. They are like explosions of delicious flavor. The part that surprised me though, is that the swirls of butterscotch were actually kind of crunchy along the edges. Ol' Ben & Jerry had already planned for the exact thing I was worried about. Why on earth would I doubt them for a second? They are the geniuses that brought us this, and this. I was also surprised by how much the ice cream reminded me of Egg Nog. Or perhaps it made me realize how much Egg Nog tastes like butterscotch? I'm still not certain.

Those butterscotch swirls tasty and plentiful. 
Every bite of this ice cream was a new realization that the mad scientists of the ice cream world have not lost their step at all. If they showed up to a brawl against all the other ice cream makers, I have no doubt they would come out on top. Even if those weirdos from Hagen Das showed up with samurai swords and lengths of chain.
Ben & Jerry teamed up with Ron Burgundy to bring an ice cream to their lineup that I would be very happy to see become a permanent fixture. We all know that flavors don't last forever. At some point most of them find their way to the flavor graveyard . But I sure would like to see this be more than just a limited batch.
In the end, I'm giving Ron Burgundy's Scotchy Scotch Scotch an A. Straight up. This stuff is wonderful. If you see it, buy it. It might be your only chance! Also be sure to hit up Anchorman 2 in theaters now!

"Stay Classy Fatguyfoodblog readers!"

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Review by Rich


  1. Thanks for the Review! I've definitely been wondering about this one, I've never been a big butterscotch guy either so i'll take your word for it and try something new!

    1. It tastes enough like egg nog that if you like nog, you'll be all over this

  2. I love butterscotch!!! However this was like a punch in the face........the first few spoonful's are very intense. It then turns to eggnog ice cream, its not often that I disagree w/ FGFB but I don't think I would ever get this one again.