Monday, March 14, 2016

The Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery

Being a man young in age, sometimes you're oblivious to things. Sometimes you're too busy chasing skirts, looking at car magazines, racing hot rods, and smoking cigarettes outside of a bowling alley to notice when something incredible is right in front of your face. If this were not a food blog, I could quite possibly be speaking of a long lost girl in high school, a pretty face you glance at through a crowd, but nope, you're right. It's about food. It's always about food. Welcome my friends, to a place I've lived 35 minutes from for 4 years, The Tuckaway.

The Tuckaway isn't just your ordinary tavern with bar food and a few beers on tap. When you walk in, after you put your name down, you have the option to visit their world renowned butchery. As I walked up and down, the displays overloaded my eyes and ballooned my want to buy everything that's showcased. I mean, you walk in starving wanting to eat, and there it all is....

After salivating over various meats and treats, me and my roomates sat down and waited for our name to be called. Early afternoon on a Sunday there was a small wait, I can imagine this place fills to the brim Friday and Saturday nights. 

even as a professional food blogger, I still feel weird taking pictures in restaurants.

the menu. pretty goddamn cool!
The menu boasted so many great things. A typical American New England steakhouse burgers and ribs joint, with a dash of seafood, a few salads, and a few southern style BBQ plates to round out everything quite nicely. I ended up settling for something I think any Fat Guy Food Blog fan would approve of, The Pig Pile. A Bacon Cheddar Onion Burger with layers of Bacon, Cheddar, American, and Swiss Cheese. But before we get to that, let's see what kind of an appetizer I decided to go with. 

Rooster Balls: Shredded Chicken, Cream Cheese, Vegetables, Honey Buffalo and Cilantro Ranch

These were absolutely delicious. When you bit into them, the crunchy deep fried breading squished down and pushed shredded chicken and cream cheese into your mouth, with the buffalo and cilantro ranch taking your mind away from what would ordinarily be a bad texture, and turned it into this pleasing mouth experience that made you want to keep eating them. No real heat to these, just a familiar buffalo sting on the outer edges of the tongue. 

With the Rooster Balls being out of this world, and seeing other plates of massive meat and piles of fries delivered past me, I was pumped to see what was in store.


ordered medium rare
Alright, I know if it were Rich reviewing this burger, he would have passed by this in favor of something covered in various amounts of sauces, and different gimmicks. And believe me, I wanted to go there too, but after the first bite into this burger, I knew I made the right decision. This is hands down, the best, straight up non gimmicked burger I've ever had to date. What I mean by this, is that this burger doesn't rely on a fancy sauce, doesn't let odd condiments take you away from what this burger is all about. This burger lets the goddamn burger do all the talking, but making sure it is on it's A game being surrounded by such a strong cast of cheese and bacon. The squishy bun makes sure to not get in the way, and only act as a way to keep you from getting grease on your fingers.

Cooked to perfection, perfectly sized, amazing grilled burger taste, a stack of bacon that doesn't overwhelm the burger flavor, and a thick layer of cheese. All around awesome. My only gripe with my entire meal was that it seems The Tuckaway hasn't seen itself unaffected by the social disease that is the lack of fries on a plate. We hammered on Friday's for long enough, and they listened. Hopefully The Tuckaway and others can free themselves of this affliction soon!

The Tuckaway is exactly what it says it is, a rather large tavern and shop tucked away in the small town of Raymond in southern New Hampshire. They had so many options, and if this is the starting line, I absolutely cannot wait to enjoy the journey through the entire menu. The Tuckaway Tavern and Butchery gets an A.
- Review by Josh

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here's a few bonus pictures of my roomates meals, just to give you something else to make you get in the care and drive there as fast as humanly possible. 

full rack of BBQ Baby Rack Ribs!

Classic Mac and Cheese for the man who only wanted to eat as many carbs as possible that day

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