Friday, March 25, 2016

Limited Edition Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts!

Sooner or later every snack company answers the call of Bacon. Consumers and foodies love it. Pop culture has embraced it. Bacon is king and we all know it. But there are times where bacon makes it into the snack world where we scratch our heads and wonder if we ever needed it. Enter...Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts...

When I first heard about these I didn't think they were real. When I saw the box I thought for sure it was a photoshop job that someone tossed up online to get people talking. But then one of my pals back in New Hampshire let me know that they were real and he had tried them. So my search began. They finally showed up out here in Seattle and I scooped up a box as quick as I could. I was excited to try them but also expecting to be disappointed. How could the bacon work? Was it going to be those gross crunchy Bacos type pieces? Or would they go with something new?

Like most Pop-tarts, these aren't the best right out of the package. Some hold up better than others. I personally love Strawberry Frosted right out of the package. Many a camping trip have found me Straight Pop-Tartin' like a boss. 48 pack slung over my shoulder, slapping packs into the palms of my buddies as they woke up in the morning and crawled from their tents. But these? These you definitely want to toast up. It helps. Because the bacon is weird. It's a strange chemical sprinkle that kind of tastes like fake bacon and smoke. It's not overpowering, but it's not really the best taste either.

Luckily the maple inside is where these really shine. It seems like a flavor they should have been making since they started. Perhaps that's because I'm from New England and nothing makes me happier than Maple flavored EVERYTHING. But once you toast these up, they aren't bad! The bacon gives off a nice, little bit of salt flavor that goes well with the icing and sweet maple innards.

In the end I'm going to give Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts a C-. The bacon is fake and weird. But the Maple is pretty tasty. Toasted, they are alright. Maybe pairing meats with sugary toaster pastries isn't the best idea. As a man who loves bacon, I wanted nothing more than to tell you all that these were awesome and that the bacon revolution continues to dominate all it comes into contact with...but I would be lying. There are some times when bacon isn't the right choice. This is one of them.

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Review by Rich Brunelle, who currently lives in Seattle, Washington and spends his days being a one man neighborhood watch and tracking down elusive candies.

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