Monday, June 20, 2016

Mango Salsa Madness! NEW Mango Salsa at Q'Doba

Fresh off the heels of Rich's Q'Doba Grand Event, the up and coming kings of fast food burritos added a little something extra to their menu.  I headed to my local Q'Doba and decided to see what this Mango Salsa uproar was all about.

Since it's Mango Everything Season, I decided to go big with a steak burrito with, no beans, fajitas, white rice, cheese, guac, sour cream (well kinda, Q'doba likes to play coy with it's sour cream portions), tomato salsa, and the reason for my visit, the new Mango Salsa.

True to form, these burritos are massive, and exactly the right amount of food you want to stuff yourself with. I didn't get any of their world famous queso, which is a usual staple of a Q'Doba burrito, but today, we were here to let the mango do what it do!

When the burrito artist (can we call them that?) was putting together the tortilla rolled masterpiece, I noticed a shockingly small amount of mango salsa was added to the roll. I get it, I'm sure the flavor is intense, you want to add, not overpower, and preserve that delicate balance of percieved freshness and flavor. In my mind, the mango salsa must be pretty strong. The worlds strongest? Lets find out.

Biting into this thing, it hits all the notes, nothing incredible, nothing bad, but where in the hell was this mango salsa? I kept biting into the burrito, looking for that flavor. My suspicions of a weak mango portion must have been correct, I couldn't taste anything mango related in this thing. As a diligent food blogger, I went to the counter and asked for a side of mango salsa, determined to taste what was left out surely on accident.

dumped onto my already existing burrito
With this new salsa piled high on top of my burrito, I was surely about to be brought to a tropical sweet paradise, filled with steel drum music and the sound of crashing waves. Instead? Nothing.

 My head spinning swirling around wondering, where the hell was the mango? A full cup filled with what was supposed to be this crazy new thing, the centerpiece of an ad campaign, the reason you pull off the exit with your children and say "you know what kids? you've all been good, let's head to Q'Doba" and the kids are supposed to cheer and praise your name. 30 years later when they're grown, they tell their kids that one time dad took them all out, and they look into your eyes and their eyes start to well up with happiness from a fond memory. Instead? What'd we get? A whisper of mango flavor with just a bunch of random salsa ingredients. Kids screaming in your ears, pissed, wishing you just went to Chipotle, disappointed for generations.

wheres the mango?
So, instead of tossing the burrito in the trash, and giving the manager double middle fingers as I walked out the door, I tried to add some semblance of flavor to this tasteless behemoth of a burrito.

Franks Red Hot

In the end, the Mango Salsa wasn't bad, but it wasn't good, it just wasn't there. It had a small semblance of sweetness to it, which might be better served with a side of chips, but even then, why order mango when there is no mango to be found? I'd say it might have been an off day, the salsa wasn't prepped properly, but I went for a second visit and felt the exact same way. If you're making a specialized flavor of something, and put all your cash behind promoting it, I say how bout we make it taste like what we're saying. Or taste like anything at all. I was highly disappointed with what I recieved, and hope Q'Doba reads this, panics, and starts pulling the mango levers at the salsa plant, casing mass blackouts from a flavor overload.

I give the new Q'Doba Mango Salsa a D. As a flavorless salsa filler, sure, why not.
As something mango flavored? No thanks. 

Review by Josh

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  1. Q'Doba one of my favorite Mexican fast food restaurants. Sorry to hear about your experience. My experiences in my hometown hasn't been anything short of delicious. I can eat your hand off just by looking at this review. Try a different locations to see if that makes a different.

    1. yeah, I enjoy Q'Doba. it wasn't NOT good, it just wasn't very flavorful or deserving of attention. Have you had the mango salsa yet?