Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wendy's Limited Edition Bacon Mozzarella Burger!

When I learned Wendy's was offering a new burger, I thought to meself, "Finally! A blessing from the Fat Guy Food God"! Although Wendy's is my favorite fast food joint by far, I often find their menu stagnant- every now and then, there's some variant of the Baconator, a new salad, or some such unreviewable nonsense. This time around, though, it seemed legit- the limited edition Bacon Mozzarella burger. Uh, yes, please.

Yep that's definitely the outside of a Wendy's.

Wendy's has a real hard on for their applewood smoked bacon products. It seems like they try to slip it into whatever they can- even their cheese fries, which they call "Baconator fries", which are not great imo. The whole concept seems kind of silly to me, actually. "Applewood smoked bacon". Why kill a tree that produces food to burn it to season another food? And really, how efficient is this process? I'm willing to bet no person not somehow affiliated with Wendy's has ever tasted its bacon and said, "Well hot damn this bacon taste like apples!". It doesn't. It tastes like bacon. Probably any other wood would do. I think if you left the tree alive and took the apples, sliced them, and threw them in with the other wood, it'd produce a more appley flavor. But hell, Wendy's bacon tastes great anyway. I'm sure they've got their reasons.


So the Mozzarella Burger consists of three slices of the applewood smoked bacon, a 1/4 pound hamburger patty (weaaak), mozzarella cheese, fancy leaves (known to some as "spring mix"), red onion, a parmesan and garlic cheese spread, on a garlic brioche bun. If you review that sentence, you'll find only two ingredients are mentioned twice- "cheese, garlic". So it's really more like a cheesy garlic bread burger! That sounds 100 times more appealing than a bacon mozzarella burger!! Damn, do I love me some garlic. Now that the hype level has been set to TURNT THA FUK UP BITCH, let's see how they did.

The leaves just sticking there like that is convenient for dissection pictures. BONUS POINT

First few bites. Got cheese, cheese is definitely there. There is cheese on this burger. It's a cheeseburger. And the bacon too! Woop, I love bacon, even if its nonsensically made. But... where's the garlic? I tasted the red onion, for sure, but I'm not sure if it masked the garlic taste or it wasn't there at all. Unfortunately, as I kept munching, that mouth watering taste never struck me.
So pretty much I got the burger advertised. A bacon cheeseburger, indeed, although I don't know that cheese actually tasted of mozzarella. But it was certainly cheese. And the red onion added a very necessary taste dynamic here, which kept the taste levels above plain. But for having two ingredients that were supposedly garlic infused, I didn't get my garlic fix. The spring mix was cute didn't add anything to the taste. And I felt it was missing a certain sweetness- tomato, or a modest amount of ketchup could've brought a lot of tasty flavor here.

Here's me thinking about how to grade the burger. Jk I was thinking about how I choose to spend my free time.

I'm giving this bacon mozzarella burger a B-. If somebody shoved one in front of me, I'd be grateful. But if I'm going to Wendy's to spend my hard earned dollars, I'll be getting a JBC, a Double Stacker, or if I'm feeling wily, a Baconator. But not this one again without some tweaks. I think adding another patty, some tomato, and why the hell not, some sautéed garlic would make this burger truly remarkable. As it stands now, stick with the tried and true classics. It doesn't really get much better than that anyway, does it?

Review by sl33zy

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