Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Candy Corn Oreo cookies!

Every once in a while there comes along a snack that takes the world by storm. Hushed whispers tell the legend of some new treat that nobody can find, but everybody wants. Internet searches are done to see if this thing really exists, and when you see the evidence, it only makes it worse. It spreads like a virus, this excitement, until everyone is looking everywhere for this item. 

Well, ladies & gents, we are in the midst of one of these phenomenons...

The Holy Grail of snack food. 
Now, I know all of you out there think that since we are big bad food bloggers that there is probably no snack that exists that we can't have in our grasp mere moments after we desire it. You probably think our celebrity status makes this happen. Sadly, there are things that are beyond even our reach. These cookies were one of them. For a month straight we had been getting messages telling us to review these cookies, in fact, we've never been asked by more people to review a single item! Research on the world wide web taught me that they were only being sold at Target. So I went to Target half a dozen damn times in two weeks, only to leave disappointed and with everything BUT Candy Corn Oreo cookies. That is, until our friend Jonn, who is also a loyal Fatguyfoodblog reader, showed us how it is done. He called every Target in NH, and then ended up calling in a favor to get some of these cookies delivered to him from over an hour away. That is dedication! We can't thank him enough!

Harder to find than Beanie Babies in 1993. 
So how are they? For something based on Candy Corn, they are actually fantastic. The first thing you notice when you rip the bag open is a strong aroma, much like the recent Birthday Cake Oreo cookies. It's very strong and quite nice. If they were able to bottle this fragrance, women who are into fat guys could seduce them quite easily. Without a Birthday Cake Oreo to compare it to, I'm not sure how similar the smells are. But I can say these things smell damn good.

Ah the Golden Oreo cookie. JUST AS GOOD AS THE ORIGINAL!
They went with the Golden Oreo cookie rather than the original chocolate, and I think it was a wise choice. Not just because the white cookie goes great with the orange and yellow frosting if you're going for Candy Corn colors, but also, the chocolate cookie might throw the taste way off. The cream is thicker than a regular Oreo, and similar to all of the wild flavors they have been doing lately, rather than their original recipe. 
But the big question is, do they taste like Candy Corn? Most people out there in the world don't like Candy Corn. I don't hate it, but I definitely don't love it, unlike Mike, who is a huge fan. But... it kind of tastes like Candy Corn. It also kind of tastes like cotton candy. I would have to say these do taste more like Candy Corn than the Candy Corn M&M's did though. 

Just like Candy Corn, BUT A COOKIE!
But the bottom line is that even if they don't taste exactly like Candy Corn, these Oreo cookies are damn good. They aren't overpowering like some of the Fudge Dipped ones, they are just a fantastic, solid Oreo cookie that will make a great addition to your Halloween Party food spread, or on your snack shelf in the pantry.  Add these to the long list of great limited edition flavors.  If you can find a bag, buy them. Hell, buy a bunch- last time I heard, they were going for $10 a bag on Ebay! But it won't be easy. You might have an easier time trapping a Sasquatch.

I give these a solid A rating!
Review by Rich!

Mike's review: As the one guy on this site who absolutely loves candy corn (and doesn't understand how I run a food blog with 2 people who don't- candy corn rules!!), I love these too, and will say that they're the perfect mix of tastes-a-little-bit-like-candy-corn and tastes-like-nothing-specific-but-tastes-fantastic. They're close, but they're not exactly like candy corn, which is probably why we all agree that these rule. Seriously, if you see these anywhere in New Hampshire, LET US KNOW.


  1. I am in a World Famous Blog!! These are good but in moderation. The bag I carried these in still smells of oreo's it's fantastic!! Thanks for having such a great Blog

  2. I kind of hate candy corn but I'd like to try these just because of how cute they are. I never had the birthday cake oreos, are they still around?

    Have you tried or seen the Pumpkin cheesecake Pepperidge farm soft cookies? They are probably as hard to find as the candy corn oreos. I've seen them in various places on the internet and people are raving about them but my Target, Walmart & grocery store in my very metropolitan city does not carry them. I need them!!

    1. They rule, but they're long gone. I believe the birthday cake are too- I never see them.

      Pumpkin cheesecake pepperidge farm soft cookies? We also haven't seen them. We'll keep an eye out!

  3. How did I miss these?! I'm completely obsessed with candy corn. I hope these will be back this fall!