Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gingerbread Oreo Cookies!

Well, it's been about six minutes, so you know what that means right? A new flavor of Oreo cookies! 
These were a pleasant surprise while strolling through Walmart this week, I just happened upon them. Lately it's been hard to be surprised by new items in the stores. We either see them online first or one of our loyal readers alerts us to them! But not this time...this time Gingerbread Oreos came out of nowhere...

Look how happy that Gingerbread man is! That's gonna be you when you try these!

Now if you're anything like me, the prospect of something tasting like gingerbread doesn't get you that excited. I don't DISLIKE gingerbread cookies, but I also can't say that if there's a plate of random cookies around the holidays, that a gingerbread cookie won't be one of the last that I try. They are just...okay. So when I saw these on the shelf, I sighed, expecting something just okay. Man, I should know Oreo better by now.

Just so you know, they disappear fast...

The moment you rip into the package you can smell the gingerbread flavor, it's not as powerful as with the Birthday Cake Oreos, but it's definitely there. But the big question do they taste? The answer? Fantastic. I went from pleasantly surprised to nearly clapping to applaud Oreo on another job well done. The cookie seems like it might be a bit crunchier than usual, perhaps to mimic a gingerbread cookie. The cream is the usual Oreo cream consistency, but with a sweet gingerbread flavor that isn't overpowering in the least. Together? Cookie perfection.

Also, just as an added bit of awesomeness, try these with apple cider. Mike did this on a whim the other night and lost his mind. I thought he might be pumping it up more than it was worth until I tried it myself. It's like a match made in heaven. I'm pretty sure beams of golden light shot down from the clouds right into my mouth. I also found they go great with hot coffee. But let's face it, what cookie doesn't?

So when this holiday season swings around, and you're getting ready to lay out a platter of cookies, skip the classic Gingerbread Man and fill a plate with these bad boys. Your guests will love you for it. But be sure to buy them up quick, they are a LIMITED EDITION!

I give these an A!
Review by: Rich


  1. AW MAN! I was at WalMart yesterday and didn't think they'd have these yet and they DIDN'T, and you found them? NEED!

  2. Been looking everywhere! They're NOT in Tulsa! :(

  3. Yeah we scored them at a local Walmart!
    Beth, keep looking, hopefully they show up soon!

  4. Found! Bullseye, guys, these are AWESOME!

  5. I actually didn't like these. The cookies seemed- dryer or something than regular Oreos- even after bathing in a glass of milk. I'm not sure. This is probably the only package of Oreo cookies that has ever sat around my snack shelf so long I eventually threw them out.

    Why has Oreo never done a caramel apple flavor?!