Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Fall Candy: Caramel Apple Milky Way and Pumpkin Spice Hershey's Kisses!

It's fall.

Which means cooler temperatures, football, foliage, fairs, halloween haunts, parties and bonfires, and never-ending rain, apparently. It also means food. Lots and lots of fall food. Like pumpkin whoopie pies:

Apple cider and apple pie:

Fried dough and other fall treats:

always be mean mugging.

And fall beers:

Pumpkin everything, apple everything. Fall is one of the best times ever. But, in the world of candy, other than a few adventurous companies (Oreo) who come out with new flavors seemingly every week, most fall candy is just the regular candy with halloween colors. Milky Way and Hershey's Kisses decided to step it up and try some interesting fall-themed flavors, with... odd results. 

I give you Caramel Apple Milky Way and Pumpkin Spice Hershey's Kisses:

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First up, the Milky Ways. When I opened the bag, all I could smell was apple. In fact, eating just the little extra bit of chocolate that spills over sometimes, all I really tasted was apple. I think the nougat (white in these) is apple flavored and the smell is just so strong that everything tasted like apple, but I could be wrong- there could actually be apple in the chocolate. Apple and chocolate is a weird combination, but luckily that goes away and I mostly tasted apple and caramel. Well, to be honest, I mostly tasted apple. These started to grow on me after a bit, but I generally don't find myself loving them. The taste of fake apple is just so strong that it's weird- you're just eating a glob of chewy fake apple flavor. Milky Way gets points for trying something different, and a few more for making a candy taste like apple, but they went a bit too far for my tastes. I can only give these a C. They're interesting, and someone who worships apple may love them, but they were just a little too apple while being barely caramel for me to be psyched about them.

When I opened the pumpkin spice kisses, I was surprised to see that they were orange/brown.

I was even more surprised that the inside was white.

These are very weird. The first thing I taste- and the predominant flavor afterwards- is spice. These definitely taste like pumpkin, but a very spicy pumpkin- like when people make pumpkin flavored things and accidentally spill half the can of nutmeg while cooking. The white inside (whatever that's supposed to be) make these much better, as it's creamy and smooth. It works nicely against the spice. If there was more of it, it would save these, but the spice is just too strong for me, and I ended up feeling like I was eating halloween scented candles after awhile. Don't get me wrong- these are very interesting, and for someone who loves a good spicy pumpkin flavor, these may be your favorite candy this year. But for me, I prefer a smooth and super sweetened pumpkin flavor (like in whoopie pies or fudge), and these are spicy to the point where it's surprising. The smoother inside makes for a solid aftertaste (although again, waxy), but the initial spice blast makes me not want to open up another one. Good effort Hershey's, but the rest of this bag is going on the free food shelf downstairs. 

Review by Mike.


  1. For a seriously excellent apple/chocolate bar: The French Toast is pretty good too. Haven't been brave enough to try the others.

  2. I had the pumpkin spice kisses a couple of years ago and I remember the texture being oddly oily/waxy compared to a standard hershey kiss. It was almost exactly like gnawing on a yankee thank you.

  3. omg, this is scary:

  4. Hey Unknown, we're looking up those chocolate bars, they sound awesome!