Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Batch of New Pringles: This Time, Chile with Limon, Queso, and Habanero!

I have to hand it to Pringles- they don't make the greatest chips and a lot of the newer or limited edition flavors aren't that great, but god love them, they keep trying. They're more adventurous than all the other chip companies (except Lays), and they're doing their job in getting featured in this blog.

Unfortunately though, they're not always doing their job in being featured favorably on this blog.

What's new this time, Pringles?

stupid light glare on tube packaging!

I guess they're going for the Mexican flavors this time. I know these flavors are the new hotness, but am I the only one getting sick to death of every new flavor of chips just being a different version of a hot pepper mixed with something? Let's get a little more adventurous here, chip companies. 

So there's a chile theme here, but we have your standard salsa/lime chips, spicy cheese, and wait... salsa de chile habanero? uh oh. 

First up, the Chile y Limon. 

These are gross to me, but Rich liked them. You have to enjoy lime mixed with salsa to like these, and I don't. Apparently he does. We've tried other chips like this, and they're always just weird to me. I will say though, these are much more limey than the other ones. The salsa is much more subtle. I wouldn't waste your time though, unless you really like lime-flavored chips. D. I hate them, which means they do a good job capturing the flavor.

Next, Chile Con Queso. 

I was instantly bummed out about these. I assumed these would taste like the queso dip people make for the superbowl (*sorry "THE BIG GAME") parties. And they kind of do, only if you put 5 times as many peppers in as you're supposed to. These are oddly and surprisingly VERY spicy- like, eat 2 and you're uncomfortable (not just me- all of us thought these were too hot). They're cheesy, but that flavor only lasts for a few seconds before the pain kicks in. 

I don't like chips that just hurt. Sorry Pringles, these are getting an F from this fat guy. 

deceptive little flavor crystal bastards...

Lastly, Salsa de Chile Habanero. 

There's no way these could be anything but painful, right? The checkout girl even commented on how hot they were going to be. Habanero usually just hurts, so I was nervous to try these guys. 

I was shocked to find that these were not only my favorite out of the batch, but they are also among the best Pringles chips I've had. AND, they were the least spicy out of the batch. Well, maybe not entirely- it's just that the spice isn't just there to hurt you- it works perfectly with the flavor, to the point that the chips would suck if they didn't have that little kick. The weird thing about these to me, is that they taste like BBQ chips. In fact, they taste surprisingly like these:

We meant to review these long ago, then I never saw them again. They've started to make appearances in random gas stations again though. They're super smoky with a light kick of sweet- a very solid BBQ. but Pringles does the flavor better. 

SO, if you like Salsa chips that surprisingly taste like smoky BBQ chips and you want a spice kick without getting knocked out, then buy these. They're very unique and I love them. I give them an easy A. In fact, I've already returned to the store to buy more. Can't mess around with these limited edition flavors....

Chile y Limon: D. Only for weirdos who like lime chips. 
Chile Con Queso: F. EASY Pringles, stop trying to kill me.
Salsa de Chile Habanero: A. Fantastic surprise. Make these permanent! 

-review by Mike

PS. Readers- if you see these chips anywhere in New Hampshire, let us know. They're supposed to be out soon. Pringles is about to go fill tilt bozo:


  1. You know, close up pics of Pringles are really uninspiring... I am surprised at the results, though; I probably would have reached for the queso chips first (thinking they'd taste like the velvetta/Rotel dip) and would have steered clear of the habanero thinking they'd be too spicy. Once again, FatGuyFoodBlog serves me well!

  2. Is Pringles really making those three flavors at the bottom or is that a joke?? Somehow I don't think that dessert-like flavors would go well with a salty potato chip... But hey, what do I know?

    1. they're real. We reviewed one, the other will be up soon. No white chocolate yet, that's what I'm most excited for

  3. I see that this was written over two months ago, but I just stumbled across it. I just had to laugh at your comments regarding the "Chile y Limon" chips. You see, "limon" does not mean "lime." It means "lemon." Spanish for "lime" is "cal." I know that is a picture of a lime on the can, but the name, and definitely the flavor, is lemon. Perhaps that is why the lime tasted so weird to you. ;)