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I remember the day I heard that the Baconator was a real thing. That Wendy's actually had the balls to name a burger after one of the greatest movies of all time. An R rated movie about a killer robot that time traveled.  It really drove home what they were trying to do. One of them killed without mercy. The other? Had so much bacon that some mortals were begging for mercy before they finished it. The other big point is that the Baconator was damn good and it's so good that it's become a standard part of the Wendy's menu. Since then we've gotten SON OF BACONATOR. But, come on. Who buys that thing? The name is funny, but if I'm cruising the streets in need of a bacon packed burger, I'm going big. Or going home. To grill my own. 
So when word came down the line that Wendy's was about to debut Baconator Fries, you can bet I went straight to my local Wendy's. Where they promptly told me they weren't doing them yet. But probably in a few days. So I said...

Two days later I returned and saw the sign in the window, so it was on. Let's get to it! The Fatguyfoodblog review of Wendy's new BACONATOR FRIES! 

First off I'm going to give you the run down of what Baconator fries are. First up, they pop about a medium order of fries in one of these little containers. Then they pour a blob of liquid cheese sauce on it, followed by a handful of shredded cheddar. Then? Real bacon pieces are sprinkled across the top. Pretty cut and dry. I was kind of hoping that they would be big enough to be a meal on their own, but when I saw the $1.99 price tag I figured I'd have to supplement the fries with another item or two if I was going to round out a proper lunch...

Yes. That is a Baconator with a side of Baconator Fries. Why? Because one of our readers dared me to.  So why the hell not? If I'm going to march into Wendy's and take on the Baconator Fries, I might as well make it a handicap match and take on both of them. Well...I also got a four piece spicy nugget. When the guy asked at the end of my order it was tough to say no.

So the question here, after all this...are the Baconator Fries worthy of their name?

Well...they aren't bad! Let's be honest, Wendy's has great fries. It's hard to deny. So when you think of this, bunch of cheese and real bacon on good french fries, how can you go wrong? The answer? Cheese sauce. It doesn't taste particularly bad, or anything like that. It's not the cheap nacho cheese that you get with the awful nachos when you go to the movies. But it's still liquid cheese being poured over fries. So unless you eat these within thirty seconds of the cheese sauce being drizzled over them, you're looking at about half of your fries being soggy.  Soggy fries are enough to bring a tear to my eye...

The Sog factor. It's a very real thing. One that everyone who has ever eaten cheese fries could tell you about. So it seems like ol' Dave Thomas would be rolling over in his grave if he knew his places were serving people soggy fries covered in cheese sauce. What would solve this? USE REAL CHEESE. Like the shredded cheddar you already have on them. know, maybe actually melt it. When I got mine I was eating cold cheese chunks sitting in cheese sauce. Again...not exactly a bad flavor, but it could have been so much better if the shredded cheddar was melted too.

I'm going to give Wendy's Baconator Fries a C+. Perhaps if mine had included melted cheddar I might have bumped it up a grade.  The biggest issue is the cheese sauce making the fries soggy. We deal with it, but none of us actually like soggy fries, even when they are soggy with cheese. Maybe an answer could be bacon and shredded cheddar melted over them, with a cup of liquid cheese to dip in? But in the end, these are just Wendy's making something new out of whats just laying around in an everyday Wendy's. They aren't bad, especially for that low, low, $1.99 price tag, but don't expect to be blown away.  In the end, this is still a pile of fries covered in cheese and bacon for two bucks. Still a pretty solid deal.

One last thing to add? The Baconator I got to go along with this was fantastic. So fear not, Wendy's. While these fries weren't a home run, you don't have to worry, you still deliver when it counts. I'll be back.

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