Monday, May 23, 2016

Vulgar Display of Poutine Food Truck!

I’m not going to lie. I attended the event described in the above flier because of the two top billed acts. I knew two things: it was to support the former Off With Their Heads Drummer’s new food truck venture, and that I’d be getting drunk listening to music I love. I didn’t even know what the hell a “Pop-up” was. I was excited to see the play on the Pantera album “Vulgar Display of Power.” AND I got deliciously more than I bargained for. After a few whiskeys, I began to wonder when the food truck (‘round back, I assumed) would be open for business. The bartender explained that all I had to do is put in an order, and my poutine would be brought to me. Glorious.

After looking over the menu, it wasn’t an easy choice. I’m a poutine snob. I’ve had the good, the bad, and the mediocre. I’ve had poutine IN Canada. I almost went for traditional “The Regular” poutine. And though I’m sure it would have been phenomenal, I’m happy I didn’t. Once I saw the word PASTRAMI, there was no stopping me.

This. Was. Game-changing. This pile of hand cut fries, with a homemade gravy and cheese curds could not have been more complimented than it was with this beautiful lean pastrami, lean and cooked to perfection. One thing that made me a tiny bit concerned was the mustard. I wasn’t sure if that would clash with the gravy. It didn’t. This homemade mustard (concocted with both reduced AND fresh IPA) is perfect. I can honestly say this is THE BEST POUTINE I’VE EVER HAD. Or so I thought.

On my way out after the show, I made a point to poke my head in an thank the chef. Ryan Fisher, still working solo behind the galley took a minute to accept my thank yous, and obviously abundant praise. I told him how dumb I was for not trying other items on the menu, before it got so late. So what does the sweet sonofabitch do?! Hands me a to-go box of Mac N Cheese Poutine. Which was funny, because I immediately dug in and devoured it. I was in hog heaven. This was his regular poutine, topped with homemade mac n cheese, thick cut chunks of bacon, bread crumbs, and grilled tomatoes. I snapped a pic for prosperity, but I took no time to get an angle that would accurately portray the beauty of this carb and cheese overload.

THIS was the best poutine I’d ever had. They both were. This guy has created something I’ve been longing for since I knew what poutine was: a local legend. This beats anything I’ve ever had, and I can’t wait to have it again. And my only advice if you’re going to get some: make it a double. I’m not making the mistake of walking away with an empty hand again. I loved this poutine so much, I even got me a XXL shirt:

If you’re in the New England area you can put your money where my mouth was. Check out Ryan Fisher and his Vulgar Display of Poutine Food Truck at

Lord Hobo Brewery (Woburn, MA) June 17-19th
New Hampshire Poutine Fest (Manchester, NH) June 26th

Follow him on social media to know exactly where to find him:

Instagram: @vulgardisplayofpoutine
Twitter: @VDOPFoodTruck

Review by Dave James! Dave James, lives in Cambridge, MA as a graphic designer, funny guy, lover.

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