Monday, May 16, 2016

Cold Stone Creamery's New Blueberry Donut Shake!

Cold Stone doesn’t get the respect it deserves. With so many options it gets lost in the shuffle.  Did you know you can get a funnel cake topped with ice cream there? Perhaps you’d be interested in a Churro Caramel CraveTM  instead?? Into dad jokes and bad puns? Try the Cookie Dougn’t You Want Some or The Pie Who Loved Me. They’re nothing if not creative. Which brings me to their newest delicious creation.

I’ve dipped French fries in milk shakes and blended full cake slices with milk shakes. I’ve stirred around bowls of ice cream until they transform into a warm shake. But never have I ever replaced the traditional, and now passé, cherry on top WITH A FULL FREAKING DOUGHNUT.

I tip my hat to the gluttonous culinary artist that devised this creation. Bravo. 

Yes, that’s approximately ¾ of a blueberry donut used as a garnish. And it is beautiful. I dipped mine in the whipped cream and it right off the bat as an appetizer. The donut, while not super fresh, was still tasty. I scarfed it down quickly so the freshness/flavor wasn’t really a factor. The shake itself was perfectly sweet, creamy, and rich. The handful of blueberries added a burst of fresh flavor and made it healthy?

Cold Stone’s new Blueberry Donut Shake is a marvel and definitely worth a trip. They nailed the blueberry doughnut flavor. How about a chocolate cake donut flavor next?

I award an A for having a delectable viscosity and for being healthy (because of the blueberries?)
For more on this and all the other incredible items you can find at Cold Stone Creamery, check out their website HERE!

This review was by Mark Sauer!

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