Thursday, February 4, 2016

Canada Week part 3! Canadian candy! Orange Aero, Reese's Clusters, Kit Kat Chunky Double Caramel, and the Reese's Oh Henry!

When you're the cool kind of dude who visits another country for Christmas, sometimes you pack light. Me? I had my one backpack with a few items in it,(comics, underwear, cell phone charger), and that was it. This works out great until I start buying bags of chips and an absurd amount of candy bars. I imagine people in the stores where I was buying this stuff must have thought I had just gotten out of prison or been stranded somewhere for years without sweets. I was stuffing them into my overflowing backpack like some kind of lunatic, with Loonies and Toonies clattering on the ground all around me. But in the end I somehow pulled it off and the only real casualties were one bag of chips that popped open. No big deal, I just ate them right away. But today we're going to take a quick look at all the sugar filled goodies that came back with me from our neighbor to the north!

As a kid visiting Canada, there was nothing cooler than an Aero bar. I remember my mom letting me buy a few because I would tell her how much I wanted to show my friends at school. Let's be honest here, though, not one of those ever survived the drive back. They were so cool! Chocolate on the outside with crazy chocolate bubble magic in the middle? It defied logic. Well I have no idea how long an Orange Aero has been available, but I've never seen one, so I was quite excited to try it.

Aero Orange has that distinct Aero chocolate you are used to on the outside, but the inside, porous light, bubbled chocolate is orange and has a great orange flavor to it. The flavor brings me back to the old chocolate orange that you have to bang against the table to separate all the slices. But in Aero candy bar form. I thought this was quite good and when it was gone I instantly wished I had bought more.

Aero Orange basically takes their usual formula and adds in some orange flavor. If you're not a fan of fruit in your chocolate, maybe stick with the original, but if you're up for trying new things, it's great!

Next up, when I see a Reese's item that I've never seen before, you can imagine my surprise and excitement!

I initially tried to find a smaller package but when it appeared that they did not exist, I bought this giant one that has a ton of individually wrapped Clusters in it. But, as you can see, even with this many, it was a dangerous game to play, because when the day came for the review, this is what was left in the box...

Don't think that I didn't reach for that final cluster many times thinking, "Eh, I can just leave these out of the review and nobody will ever know..." But I didn't! My will was so steadfast that I started thinking I should have been a Mountie...

Who am I kidding? I'm not nearly that cool. But you know what was? Reese's Clusters! Once that box was cracked I was reaching for one every thirty damned seconds! Creamy peanut butter, caramel, peanuts and pecans wrapped in milk chocolate! How can you go wrong?

These were a great mixture of flavors and textures. That salty Reese peanut butter that we all know and love, with a great crunch from the two different kinds of nuts. Then you have the caramel for a blast of almost buttery sweetness and the sugary chocolate on the outside.

I found myself popping an entire cluster in my mouth and letting it melt down.  Doing it that way you got each layer as it melted away. It was quite interesting.

Reese Clusters were great. My only wish is that perhaps they could have been bigger. One of these the size of a Big Cup would be incredible. But these pretty darn good despite being a weird mash up of past Reese's cup flavors.  A smaller package of them might be nice too so I don't end up eating enough candy for four people. All in all? Awesome! 

Then there's the KitKat Chunky Double Caramel! This is one I had never seen before at all. KitKats are supposed to be four sticks melted together! This is just one giant one! The package tells me there's both crunchy and smooth caramel in here? Canada what will you think of next?

See that scored line in the middle? that's where you snap it in half and one side is crunch and the other side is smooth.

The Crunchy side was my favorite of the two. It has the chocolate and wafers just like a normal KitKat but then above the top layer of wafers there is a thick layer of what tastes like light toffee. It's crispy and buttery and the entire thing goes together for an awesome unique take on a KitKat.

The smooth side wasn't bad either. Basically the same thing but it's top layer is a gooey strip of caramel. It does taste like a darker caramel than most candy bars have though, so it's a bit more rich. Overall I think the KitKat Chunky Double Caramel is a great candy bar and one you should definitely try out if you find yourself enjoying some time in the land of the Trailer Park Boys. 

Finally we come to the Reese's Oh Henry! I can't tell you the last time I had a regular Oh Henry, but I can assure you that when I did, it wasn't nearly as good as this one here with Reese's peanut butter added in.

Crunchy peanuts, Reese's Peanut Butter, creamy caramel and chocolate. This was quite similar to the Reese's clusters in taste, but this had a much different texture due to all the peanuts. The peanut butter was plentiful and it seemed to have a perfect amount of caramel to go together really well.

If I were the folks making Oh Henry, I would make sure this team-up with Reese's is one that isn't going away anytime soon. This was a great candy bar.

Now, I know what you're thinking, THIS IS ALL I GOT?! No, it's really not. I also purchased a number of Crispy Crunch, Coffee Crisp and a bunch of other classic Canadian candy bars, but figuring those have been around forever, I decided to have the review focus on things I hadn't ever seen before. Sorry, Eh!

This concludes Canada Week on Fatguyfoodblog! Hope you had as much fun as we did! Check back next week for more fun! I'll leave you with this important message from Gene Creamers, better known as Coach Teacher on the hit show Wheels Ontario...

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Review by Rich Brunelle. Who lives in Seattle and still feels like a creep taking pictures of his food so much out in public.


  1. An Oh Henry bar merged with Reese's... I'd say I'd died and gone to heaven, but I only got to look at the pics from your experience, so it's probably more accurate to say you died and went to heaven. Saying I must have this is an understatement. Go go gadget-internet.

  2. The Oh Henry bar sounds a lot like a Reeses Nutrageous bar.