Saturday, February 20, 2016

Filled Cupcake Oreo Cookies!

Remember a couple years ago when Hostess went under and everyone under the sun started freaking out because they wouldn't be able to get their favorite Hostess snacks anymore? It was kind of ridiculous. If you haven't bought a Twinkie in ten years, you probably won't miss them. I know I wouldn't. But what would I miss? Those delicious Hostess chocolate cupcakes. Sure, I might only have one once or twice a year, but they are a classic childhood treat that I like to revisit. Other than them being miniature, the recipe seems to have stayed the same. A flavor that just about everyone loves. Even those maniacs at Nabisco. So much so, that they decided it was time to give us a limited edition Oreo cookie based on them...FILLED CUPCAKE OREO COOKIES! 

While I can see the merits of not wanting to slap the name of a recently bankrupt company across your snacks, I think the marketing folks might have been able to come up with a better name than "Filled Cupcake", right? Well, that's about the only negative thing you are going to read in this review, because these are one of the best limited edition flavors that Oreo has ever done. EVER. Think about how many of their flavors we have reviewed. Let that sink in. If you're new here, let me lay it out: We review approximately 124 flavors of Oreo cookies per year. This is one of the best ever. 

You know damn well I'm not just tossing that around! Not in a world where Reese's Oreos exist! Not in a world with Cinnamon Bun Oreos! Not in a world that brought us Marshmallow Krispie Oreos! Birthday Cake Oreos?! Nope, I just wouldn't do it and you know that. But I'm serious here. These bring you the usual Oreo cookie, with what appears to be their chocolate creme in the middle. But then you open it up and see that this isn't just a chocolate Oreo, this one has a surprise in the middle!

When I first saw these I figured it was chocolate creme with their usual Oreo creme in the middle. Not the case. This filling is exactly like the light, sweet filling that you would find in a Hostess cupcake. Completely different consistency from the surrounding chocolate creme!

Very cool. Not only cool, but off the charts delicious too! The flavor wizards at Nabisco have outdone themselves this time. Sure the texture is all different, but this is the closest you could get to making a sandwich cookie taste like a "filled cupcake". There's no doubt in my mind! It's a chocolatey sweet flavor explosion with a triple threat of dessert textures. How can you go wrong here?

Despite the lame name, Filled Cupcake Oreos do exactly what they set out to do. They mimicked the flavor of a Hostess Cupcake and blow your mind which their magical combination of different cremes and icing.  Being a limited edition, these will go one of two ways. A: They are already scarce and whatever bag you next get your hands on will be your last. Or B: They will be popular and on the shelves for months. Either way, BUY THEM ALL. They are that good! I'm giving them a straight up A! 

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Review by Rich Brunelle. He lives in Seattle Washington and is in zero grunge bands, but does drink too much coffee.


  1. Rich, nooooooo! Loved the cinnamon Oreos a few weeks ago but these were duds. C+ at best from the couch-based testers here. The chocolate was too bitter and a regular Oreo tastes better. We couldn't imagine that delicate Hostess cupcake taste.

  2. Dave, man, I'm sorry! I liked them! I was so worked by the gimmick of the weird filling creme that I went all in! I did love the Cinnamon bun ones though. I have ripped through two bags of those with EASE.