Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snickers Crisper!

Ah, Snickers. A classic candy bar! Packed with peanuts! It really satisfies you! If you're hungry, why wait? Yup, they have had their share of cool ad campaigns over the years and lots of weird variant versions of the original. But we haven't seen anything new from them since they put out the Peanut Butter Squared Snickers. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the Snickers Crisper the other day while at a store! 

Whats the deal with the Snickers Crisper? Well, it's four square pieces and the package boasts Crisp Rice, Milk Chocolate, Caramel and Peanuts. Basically, this is Snickers version of the Whatchamacallit. Now, if you're like me, that doesn't get me excited in the least.  Why? Well, quite frankly, the Whatchamacallit is a bottom of the barrel candy bar that is nobodies favorite. It's boring as hell! It has a bunch of good ingredients but it's so thin you could use one to jimmy the lock on an old sedan. The layer of caramel on a Whatchamacallit is so thin and tasteless that it might as well be a layer of glue that just holds it together. Think about it. I've never bought one. The only times I've ever eaten one is if someone gave me one. They're junk!

However, if you're thinking I'm going to lump the Snickers Crisper into that same category, you're quite wrong. The Snickers Crisper is the Whatchamacallit done right. Instead of making it as thin as a Sun Belt granola bar, it's thick as hell! Which is great because it's so packed with giant crisp rice pieces, chunks of peanuts and a very generous amount of caramel!

It really seems like they improved on the original design in every way. Instead of being a hard, near tasteless block of chocolate, the Snickers Crisper is a big, crispy, crunchy, gooey, delicious mess. The amount of soft caramel really rivals any other candy bar in the game. I'm not even sure if a Caramello has more caramel than one of these! Not only that, but when you take a bite, the textures are really satisfying, (see what I did there?) and different. The peanuts mixed in with the rice are almost the best part for that reason alone!

In the end, I think the Snickers Crisper is a fun addition to their line of candy bars. Will it last? Who's to say. But if you're into all those classic elements that this bar has in it, then scoop one up. It seems like a weird idea for a candy company to basically just remake another long standing candy bar, but hell, if you can do it better, why not?

Give the Snickers Crisper a try today! I'm giving it a solid B!

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This review was written by Rich Brunelle, who lives in Seattle Washington where he eats at a million restaurants and then never does any reviews of them.

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  1. I love Whatchamacallits and they used to be thicker back in the day. Also, apparently I need to try this candy bar!