Tuesday, February 2, 2016

CANADA WEEK PART ONE! Chip party! Poutine Ruffles & Intense Pickle Doritos!

Welcome to Canada week on Fatguyfoodblog! Where we showcase a some food items gotten while within the borders of our neighbors to the north. Why did we decide to do a week of Canada stuff? Well pretty much because I went up to Canada on a quick trip around the holidays and came back with a bunch of stuff I thought was super cool. So I figured you might find them cool also. So prepare yourself, For Canada Week has begun! I will most likely offend every Canadian this week but fear not, I have much love for Canada, since half of my family is from there. It's like a second home to me. Hell, I should look into dual citizenship. But until then, let's review some chips I got in Canada!


I had no idea these existed so when I ducked into a corner convenience store in Victoria, BC and saw them, I couldn't buy them fast enough. Tossed the shopkeep a couple of Loonies and hit the bricks. 

Just in case you thought it was REAL flavor. 
 Every once in a while poutine comes up in conversation and someone has no idea what it is. It always blows my mind and makes me want to flip a table. So if you're one of those simple minded folks, I'll lay it out for you. Poutine is French Fries, cheese curds and gravy. All tossed together in a big delicious mess. It's incredible. As a kid I once ate Poutine on the ferry to Newfoundland. Later on a college trip to Montreal, I ate poutine everywhere I could during a visit. Almost every meal. That's how good it is. More and more places are opening their menus to the wonders of poutine in the 'States, but not nearly enough. But the big question here is did Ruffles capture the flavor?

You bet they did. These are a spot on version of poutine in chip form. They somehow nailed the cheese and gravy flavor combination perfectly. My brain had a hard time handling the taste but seeing that I wasn't stuffing gravy and cheese covered fries into my mouth, just a chips! I was a little worried that they would get too salty the more I ate, but I never ran into that problem and I can assure you that I ate this entire little bag in one sitting. 

Just like with poutine, some of the chips had more of the gravy flavor than others did. So some of them ended up just bursting with gravy flavor while others tasted a bit more of the cheese side. 

Look at the happiness on my face. That's a happiness that could only come from Poutine. I'm giving Poutine Ruffles a solid A! If you like poutine, there's no way you won't like these. They are tremendous. But remember, you can only get these in Canada, or on the internet, delivered from Canada. Nobody is that crazy, right? Wrong. Remember Mike who used to be a part of the crew? He had an epic Canadian chip post once upon a time and he bought them all online. Check it out! 

Next up, Intense Pickle Doritos! 

I have to be honest, I saw a picture of these online recently and thought they were fake or photoshopped. PICKLE DORITOS?! Come on. Who would ever want these? I like a good pickle as much as the next guy, but pickle chips always end up being something where I can eat one or two and then I have to bail on them. But when I posted a picture of these on our Instagram, people went nuts so I figure I had to try them out. 

The second I tore the bag open the smell of pickles filled the air. At least that's a plus since that is the flavor they are going for. Oh, and just in case you are wondering, there are barely any chips in the bag. So it's basically exactly the same as in the U.S.

The first thing I noticed about these when I took my first bite was that it seems like they used the Cool Ranch flavor as a base. So reconfigure your mind when you think about these. Now they are a pickle flavored Cool Ranch Dorito. Now it's probably sounding a little bit better, if you're not a huge pickle fan. But let me tell you, the pickle flavor is there and it's quite intense. But not bad, I was surprised that I liked these so much.

I will say that Doritos aren't messing around when they say that these guys are intense. I think that even if you were a fan of pickle chips, you might need to be careful with these. The amount of flavor dust on them is staggering and after only four of five of them my tongue felt like it went five rounds with Georges St. Pierre. In the end, I'll say if you love pickle flavored chips, these will probably be your favorite chips of all time. If you don't? You might still like these. But me? I'm giving them a C+. But I'm not a pickle fan, so that alone says a lot about them.

I would have liked to call one of these two flavors the best Canadian chips I have ever had but that would be a lie. The title is still held by Sour Cream 'N Bacon Ruffles. FOR LIFE.

Check back this week for more some Canadian candy and more, as Canada Week continues on FATGUYFOODBLOG!

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This review was by Rich Brunelle. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington and still hasn't met Phoenix Jones.

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